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The city of Trieste was Habsburg possession from the 14th century to 1918. In 1719 it was declared a free port; the construction of the Austrian Southern Railway (1841-1957) turned it into a bustling seaport, through which much of the exports and imports of the Austrian Lands were channelled. The city administration and economy were dominated by the city's Italian population element; Italian was the language of administration and jurisdiction. In the later 19th and early 20th century, the city attracted the immigration of workers, many of whom were speakers of Slovenian.
In 1918 Trieste, Istria and Gorizia were occupied by Italy, in the Treaty of St. Germain ceded by Austria to Italy. Trieste now was a city on the margin of Italy's map; it was cut off its economic hinterland.
Following World War I, when Italy was given a peace treaty in 1947, the Free Territory of Triest was established as an area under Allied (Anglo-U.S.) military administration. It consisted of two zones, Trieste A (the city itself and a coastal strip connecting it with Italy, and Zone B, in Croatian called S.S.T. Vuja, covering northwestern Istria. In 1954, Zone A was annexed into Italy, Zone B into Yugoslavia (the larger southern part into Croatia, the smaller northern part into Slovenia).

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