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First posted on December 11th 2007, last revised on December 12th 2013

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In the 15th century the territory of (French-speaking) Vaud belonged to the House of Savoy. From 1475 to 1476 onward much of Vaud was under the common occupation of Bern and Fribourg. The Reformation was introduced in 1526. In 1536 conquest of the remainder of Vaud by Bern. In 1564 Savoy formally ceded Vaud to Bern. Bern treated Vaud as subject territory.
1798 Revolution Vaudoise, establishment of Canton Vaud. In April 1798 the French established Vaud as the Republic Leman (separate from the Helvetic Republic). In 1803 Vaud established as a separate canton; member of the Swiss Confederation ever since.

Spelling varieties : Vaud, Waat, Waadt

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Article Canton de Vaud, from Wikipedia French edition
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Institutions Structurae : Vaud
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Environmental History
Others Reglement et tarif pour la poste aux chevaux du canton de Vaud, 1820, in French, GB

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Kanton Vaud, from Showcaves
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