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Political and Territorial History . The city of Venice was established in 421. Part of the Western Roman Empire, then of the Ostrogoth Kingdom and Byzantine Empire. When the Lombards invaded Italy in 568 and took control of much of Italy, the islands in the lagoon of Venice where out of reach for them; Venice became a politically independent entity, outside of the Lombard Kingdom of Italy respectively (since 1005) the Holy Roman Empire.
Venice evolved as a republic lead by a duke (doge). Her strong fleet made Venice "the Queen of the Adriatic"; Venice played a dominant role in maritime trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. It acquired territory in Istria, Dalmatia, Crete, Cyprus, islands in the Aegean.
In the early 15th century Venice acquired territory in its economic hinterland, the Terraferma.
From the 16th to the 18th century, Venice was often allied with France, and also often at war with the Ottoman Empire, to which it lost Aegean Islands in 1566, Cyprus in 1573, Crete in 1645/1669.
In 1797 the Republic of Venice was partitioned by France (the Cisalpine Republic) and Austria. From 1815 to 1860/1866 the city of Venice and the Terraferma were part of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia (to Austria); since 1861/1866 they are part of Italy.

Administrative Division . The Terraferma was divided into the Dogato, (Venetian) Friuli, Trevisano, Polesino, Padovano, Vicentino, Veronese, Bresciano, Bergamasco and Cremano. Overseas possessions included Venetian Istria, Dalmatia, the Ionian Islands, Candia (Crete), Aegean Islands, Cyprus and Morea (= the Peloponnese).

Italy, since 1861
For later history Lombardo-Venetia 1815-1860

Venetia 1797-1815 . Venice 1789-1797 . Venice 1718-1789 . Venice 1669-1718 . Venice 1564-1669 . Venice 1516-1564

Note : on this page the history of the Republic of Venice as whole, and geographically, the history of the city of Venice and of the Terra Ferma (her possessions in mainland Italy) are discussed.

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Students' Paper : Yeon, Haram, History of the European Glass Industry (2010)
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detail, contemporary Category : Old Maps of Venice, from Wikimedia Commons
Aquileja and Grado 1929, Bergamo 1908, Brescia c. 1898, Brescia 1898, Lido 1908, Padua 1898, Padua 1908, Treviso 1908, Udine 1908, Verona 1898, Verona 1908, Verona 1913, Vicenza 1898, Vicenza 1908, from Discus Media
Venice (Brockhaus 14th ed., 1892-1895), from Hic Leones
External Online Maps : Bergamo 1509, Brescia 1470, Territorio Bresciano 1470, Padova 1465, Udine 1600, Venezia 13th C., Venezia 1400, Port of Venice 1486, Venezia 1490, Venezia 1493, Venezia 15th C., Venezia 15th C., Venezia Arsenale c. 1500, Venezia 1520, Venezia 1572, Venezia 1572, Venezia 1582, Venezia XVth C., Venezia XVIth C., Venezia 16th C., Venezia XVth C., Venezia 16th C., Venezia 1623, Venezia 1626, Venezia 1648, Venezia 1696, Dogana di Venezia (XVIII sec.), Venezia, Fire of 1849, Venezia (Sercambi), Port of Venice, Venezia Arsenale, Venezia - Pola, Fortifications Verona, Mantua 1400, Verona Allegory, Verona 1440, Territorio Veronese 1440, from Mappa di Citta ed Altra Mappe Antiche Diverse
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Treviso, Udine, Venezia, Verona, Vicenza
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Musea Category : Museums in Venice, from Wikipedia
Monuments Category : Monuments in Venice, from Wikipedia
Palazzo Ducale
Libraries J. Morelli, Della pubblica libreria di San Marco in Venezia, 1774, in Italian, GB
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW
Coat of Arms, Province of Venezia, from International Civic Heraldry; from Heraldique Europeenne, French-language site which also has coats of arms of the Doges de Venise
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Articles : Monete di Venezia, Lira veneziana, Lira Mocenigo, Zecca di Venezia, from Wikipedia Italian edition
Catalogues, Collections Venezia coins (2), from edixxon
Monete della zecca di Venezia, from Numismatica Italiana
Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, from Numismatica Italiana
Coins of the Duchy of Venice (1096-1400), from The Maskukat Collection
Others Raised Edge Silver Tray - Lombardo Veneto, from A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of Vertu

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General Accounts Franz Pesendorfer, Eiserne Krone und Doppeladler. Lombardo-Venetien 1814-1866 (Iron Crown and Double Eagle. Lombardo-Venetia 1814-1866), Wien : Deuticke, n.y. ; in German [G]
John Julius Norwich, A History of Venice, NY : Vintage, 1989
John A. Marino, Early Modern Italy 1550-1796, Oxford : UP 2002 [G]
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