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Belgium 1890 - 1914

A.) Foreign Policy

In 1908, the Congo Free State, heavily indebted to Belgium and criticized because of inhuman treatment of the native population, was annexed, to become BELGIAN CONGO. In 1907 the VENEZUELAN QUESTION (on outstanding Venezuelan debts) was resolved by the South American nation submitting to the decision of the Hague tribunal.

B.) Domestic Policy

The voting rights issue continued to be a hot iron; in 1893 voting was made mandatory. The elections of 1912 were accompanied by riots; the troops sent to reestablish order in certain instances joined the rioteers. In 1913 a strike, in April joined by more than 1 million workers, was held, demanding ewual universal manhood suffrage. Also in 1913, compulsory military service was introduced.
In 1900 retirement insurance was introduced, an insurance against accidents on the job in 1903.
In 1898, a law declared that in case of laws, the French and the Flemish text were to be regarded as equally valid.

In 1892 the Ligue belge du Droit des Femmes (Belgian League for Women's Rights) was established, aiming at achieving women's suffrage. In 1912, JULES DESTREE published an open LETTER TO THE KING, in which he stated that there was a Belgian state, but no Belgian people. The letter marks the beginning of the WALLOON MOVEMENT.
The FLEMISH MOVEMENT long exclusively focussed on the language question. At the turn of the century, Flemish leaders took on social topics. JULIUS MCLEOD pointed out that in Belgium's industry, Flemings were generally offered low-paid jobs, at the bottom of the hierarchy, while the better jobs were given to Walloons - in Wallonia as well as in Flanders (1900). LODEWIJK DE RAET, in his Economic Programme for the Flemish Movement (1906) demanded that technical education - hitherto offered exclusively in French - should be made available in Flemish. On the eve of World War I, life expectancy of the average Belgian man had reached 49 years, that of the average Belgian woman 52 years (Quetelet 2005).

C.) The Economy

Between 1896 and 1905 the new port of ZEEBRUGGE was constructed. In 1912, the "praline" was invented by Belgian confectioners.
Just before World War I, Belgium ranked sixth in world trade, higher than the Russian Empire. In 1910, another World Exposition was held in Brussels.

D.) Intellectual Life

Belgian poet MAURICE MAETERLINCK wrote in French; in 1911 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Francophone Belgian artists and writers were closely connected with the French art scene.
In 1895/96, Belgian soccer teams (amateurs) fought for the first time for the Belgian championship.
In 1897, ADRIEN DE GERLACHE (1866-1934) commanded the BELGIAN ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION, which was forced to spend the winter 1897/1898 in Antarctica.
In 1900, Historian HENRI PIRENNE (1864-1935) began the publication of his 7 volume HISTORY OF BELGIUM (-1932).
In 1904 the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE was awarded to the Institute for International Law in Ghent, in 1909 to Belgian ex-premier A. BEERNAERT, in 1913 to HENRI-MARIE LA FONTAINE (1854-1943), president of the International Peace Bureau (1907-1943). About 1906, Belgian LEO BAEKELAND - he had emigrated to the US in 1889 - invented Bakelite.
Belgian painter turned architect HENRI CLEMENS VAN DE VELDE (1863-1957) was one of the major exponents of ART NOUVEAU; among his creations the Paris Maison de l'Art Nouveau (1896) and the Weimar School of Arts and Crafts (Germany, 1907), which was to become the center of the BAUHAUS movement.

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