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Belgium 1949-1969

In 1950, a plebiscite approved for King Leopold to return, which he did. Yet the Belgian population was divided over the issue; he was resented by many; in 1951, the king abdicated in favour of his son, and King BAUDOUIN I. was crowned.
BRUSSELS' importance as a European metropolis increased with the establishment of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION FOR COAL AND STEEL in 1951 and the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY in 1957, which chose Brussels as its seat. When France withdrew from the military branch of NATO, NATO headquarters was also moved to Brussels (1967). Belgium released its colonies into independence (Congo-Leopoldville in 1960, Rwanda and Urundi in 1962). In both cases, transfer into independence was accompanied by violence - ethnic strife in Rwanda and Burundi, control over Katanga's mineral wealth the issue in the Congolese troubles.
In domestic policy, the LANGUAGE ISSUE became more and more central. In 1965 the WALLOON PARTY was founded, changing its name into WALLOON RALLY in 1968. In 1968 the CVP/PSC (Christian People's Party) broke up in the Flemish CVP and the Walloon PSC, significant because it was the ruling party for much of the last two decades. Cabinets generally were short-lived; few lasted throughout a legislative period.
In 1958 the WORLD FAIR was held at Brussels, the ATOMIUM being a lasting monument of the event. In 1956 Belgium and the Federal Republic of Germany signed a treaty of reconciliation.In 1963 German was introduced as language of administration in the eastern cantons (acquired in 1919). Belgian C. PIRE was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1958.
In the 1950es Belgium experienced a significant increase in life expectancy, from an average 55 years in 1951 to an average 68 years in 1960, an average 69 years in 1969 (Quetelet 2005).

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