The Belgian Colonial Empire : Decolonization after 1945

B.) Congo, Ruanda-Urundi (Rwanda and Burundi)

In 1958, PATRICE LUMUMBA demanded the Belgian Congo to become independent, and founded the MOUVEMENT NATIONAL CONGOLAIS. In 1959, riots broke out in several cities; a round-table conference was held to prepare independence. Elections were held in may; Congo became independent on June 30th with KASAVUBU president, Lumumba prime minister. In July the Congolese troops revolted against their white officers. The province of KATANGA declared independence. UN troops were dispatched. There was a period of disorder and civil war. The white population was the target of mob attacks and was evacuated. UN secretary general, DAG HAMMARSKJOELD died in a plane crash in Congo. The unity of Congo was restored.

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