Belgian and Luxemburgian Forces in Korea

Stamps issued by the Republic of Korea in 1951 commemorating the involvement of Belgian and Luxemburgian volunteers in the Korean War

Korean War monument to the armed forces of Belgium and Luxemburg
at Tongduchon, Kyonggi Province, South Korea

The English language text of a bilingual tablet erected along the path leading to the monument reads as follows :

This monument .. was erected by the Ministry of National Defense on September 26th 1975 in memory of the servicemen of the two countries who died fighting to safeguard the freedom of South Korea which had been attacked by the North Korean Communists, and in the hope that they would rest in peace. The 20 meter memorial sets on a 1.5 meter foundation. It is made of three curved steel-reinforced concrete sections and there is a metal sculpture symbolizing the men on the front.
At the outbreak of the War, Belgium dispatched a battalion and Luxemburg a platoon of ground troops. They fought as a part of the United Nations Forces and made brilliant contributions to battle victories. Luxemburg entered the war in October 1950 and Belgium on January 31st 1951. The soldiers of the two countries participated in a fierce battle in such areas as Machasan, Haktam-ri and Kumhwa. They suffered 97 dead, 350 wounded, and 5 missing.

The Belgian Battalion in Korea, posted by Jan Dillen, available in Dutch, French, English
The Dove of the Morning Calm, website commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Korean War, under the patronage of the Fraternelle of the (Belgo-Luxemburgian) Volunteers Corps for Korea
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REFERENCE J.P. Gahide, La Belgique et la Guerre de Coree 1950-1955, Bruxelles 1991, 262 pp.

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