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The Netherlands in World War I, 1914-1918

During World War I, the Netherlands stayed neutral; it mobilized it's forces ( Armed Neutrality). The various political parties rallied behind the Dutch government in it's course of neutrality; partisan politics was postposed til after the war.

The British blockade and German u-boat-warfare reserved a narrow corridor straight north from the peninsula of Holland for Dutch commercial shipping; ships on their way to and from the Dutch East Indies now had to sail all around the British island. Food became scarce; coupons had been introduced (bread coupons in 1915). A considerable number of refugees, mostly Belgians, fled to the Netherlands - the number peaked at over 1 million early in the war; c.100,000 stayed throughout the war. In addition, Belgian troops were interned in camps in the southern Netherlands. Lodging the refugees came to the Netherlands' government at a cost of 37 million Guilders. The refugee camps were closed down in 1919.
In 1916 severe floods devastated parts of the Dutch countryside; parts of Amsterdam itself were inundated. The prevent similar disasters in the future, water engineer Cornelis Lely had developed the Zuiderzee Project back in the 1880es; the Act of Closing and Drainage of the Zuiderzee according to Lely's plan was passed in 1918; the dam closing the Zuiderzee and turning it from a saltwater bay into a sweetwater lake was finished in 1932.
In 1917 the constitution was amended, universal manhood suffrage introduced. On November 10th 1918, German Emperor Wilhelm II. abdicated, to live in the Netherlands in exile (at Doorn, where he died in 1941).

Dutch Government Revenue and Expenditure, 1914-1918
Source : B.R. Mitchell, International Historical Statistics 1750-1988, pp.801 and 822
figures in Dutch Guilders




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