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East Flanders Brabant
First posted on November 30th 2007, last revised on January 4th 2009

see also History of Belgium since 1830

Historical Atlas, Belgium Page

Country Profiles Article Antwerpen (Prov.), from Wikipedia
Article Antwerpen (Prov.), from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Links, on History Category Antwerpen, from Wikipedia
Categorie : Antwerpen (Prov.), Geschiedenis van Antwerpen, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Links Provincie Antwerpen, from 2link.be
Historical Dictionary
Historical Maps City maps Antwerpen, 4 maps 1898-1908, Mechelen 1904, from Discus Media
Kaart van Antwerpen en Omgeving anno 1896, posted by Kris Janssens
Maps City Antwerpen, Antwerpen & Environs, Antwerpen & Environs II, from Hic Leones; taken from late 19th c German Encyclopedias
Timelines Antwerpen Geschiedenis - Kroniek, by Wim Strecker, in Dutch; on the city of A.
Geschiedenis van de Provincie Antwerpen from Project Politiek Personeel Provincie Antwerpen
Accounts of History
Encyclopedia Articles Articles Antwerp, Mechlin, from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907
Articles Antwerp, from Jewish Encyclopedia
Articles Antwerpen (Prov.), Antwerpen, Hoboken, Lierre, Malines, Turnhout, from EB 1911
Articles Antwerpen, Campine (= Kempenland), Lier, Mecheln, Turnhout, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Article Antwerpen, from Brockhaus Konversationslexikon 1894-1896, in German
J. Chr. Nelkenbrecher, Allgemeines Taschenbuch der Münz-, Maass- und Gewichtskunde für Banquiers und Kaufleute (General Manual on Coinage, Measurement and Weights, for Bankers and Merchants) Berlin 1832, in German, entries Antwerpen, posted by DTBSWS
J. Chr. Nelckenbrecher, Taschenbuch eines Banquiers und Kaufmanns enthaltend eine Erklärung aller ein- und ausländischen Münzen ..., Berlin : Wever 1769, in German, entries Antorf oder Antwerpen, posted by DTBSWS
Military The Siege and Fall of Antwerp (Aug.-Oct. 1914), posted by Great War Different
Economy Diamond History (Antwerpen), from Diamond Land
Article Port of Antwerp, Iron Rhine, from Wikipedia
Geschiedenis Vereniging der Expediteurs van Antwerpen
Veerle vanden Daelen, Antwerp Jews and the Diamond Trade : Jews Shaping Diamonds, or Diamonds Shaping Jews, IEHC 2006
Religion Diocese of Antwerp, Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussel, from Catholic Hierarchy
Article Jewish Community of Antwerpen, from Wikipedia
Patron Saint Index : Antwerp
Cities Articles Antwerpen : History, Mechelen : History, Turnhout : History, from Wikipedia
Article Geschiedenis van Antwerpen, Geschiedenis van Hoboken, Lier : Geschiedenis, Geschiedenis van Mechelen, Turnhout : Geschiedenis, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Structures, Institutions Geschiedenis Schouwburg Antwerpen (History of Antwerpen Opera House), from Opera Studio Vlaanderen, in Dutch
Article Antwerp Water Works, from Wikipedia
Structurae : Antwerpen
Bibliographies Genootschap voor Antwerpse Geschiedenis
Belgien : Antwerpen, from Computatio
Others Korte Geschiedenis van Antwerpse Cinemas (Short History of Antwerpen Cinemas), by Ewald Peters
Notable events in the meteorological history of the Province of Antwerp, from meteo.be; in Dutch; other provinces clickable

Lists of Statesmen Governors since 1830, from Wikipedia
Population Figures Belgium, Historical Population Statistics of Greater administrative Regions, from Population Statistics (Jan Lahmeyer)
Documents Beeldbank Mechelen (Image Bank Mechelen & environs); Beeldbank Hoogstraeten, comment in Dutch EVA, European Visual Archive, currently 16,956 digitized and commented photographs from Stadsarchief Antwerpen and London Metropolitan Archives
Gazet van Antwerpen, Een Eeuw in Beeld (A Century in Pictures, posted by the Antwerp Gazette), a rich source of images; same title, from Het Belang van Limburg
Index of Historical Images : Belgium (9 on Antwerpen), from KJA
Election Results Frederik Dhondt, Een Electorale Geschiedenis van de Provincie Antwerpen (An Electoral History of the Province Antwerpen, since 1980), in Dutch
Archives, Musea, Libraries Provinciearchief
Stadsarchief Antwerpen, from KNAW, comment in English
Digitaal Archief Antwerpen
Church Archives Antwerp, listed by Pascal Janssens
State Symbols

Online Libraries
General Accounts F.H. Mertens, K.L. Torfs, Geschiedenis van Antwerpen...: uitg. door de Rederykkamer de Olyftak (1847) in Dutch, posted on Internet Archive
Specific Topics J. Wegg, Antwerp, 1477-1559, from the battle of Nancy to the treaty of Cateau Cambresis (1916), posted on Internet Archive
W. Evers, Das hansische Kontor in Antwerpen (1915) in German, posted on Internet Archive
H.A. Schumacher, Antwerpen; seine Weltstellung und Bedeutung für das deutsche Wirtschaftsleben (1916) in German, postyed on Internet Archive

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