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Dutch Republic Liege
First posted on June 19th 2008, last revised on September 12th 2011

The course of the Dutch Revolt and War for Independence (1579-1648) resulted in the Netherlands being split in the Northern Netherlands (Dutch Republic) and the Southern or Spanish Netherlands. From 1667 onward, the Spanish Netherlands became one of the prime targets of French expansionism; with Spain no longer being capable of defending its territories, the European powers created alliances to counter the French. In 1713, Spain ceded the Spanish Netherlands to Austria, the Spanish Netherlands thus becoming the Austrian Netherlands.

While the Austrian Netherlands were one of the wealthier parts of the possessions of the Austrian Habsburgs, they were, from Viennese perspective, remotely located and difficult to defend. The Austrian administration was more willing to implement political reforms than her Spanish predecessors. Under Empress Maria Theresia (1740-1780) a number of reforms were introduced. In the Austrian Netherlands, the spirit of Enlightenment spread. Maria Theresia's son and successor Joseph II. (1780-1790), who regarded himself an enlightened monarch, impatiently decreed numerous reforms which threatened the degree of autonomy the territories summarily referred to as the Austrian Netherlands hitherto maintained (i.e. the County of Flanders, the Duchy of Brabant, the County of Namur, the County of Hainaut, the Duchy of Limburg, Austrian Gelre, the Duchy of Luxemburg) and the Tournaisis, and ultimately caused the Brabant Revolution of 1789. In 1790 an Austrian military expedition restored Austrian rule; from 1792 to 1794 the Austrian Netherlands were battleground, contested by the French and Austrian armies (War of the First Coalition); Austria ceded the Austrian Netherlands to France in 1797.
At the Vienna Congress, the territory of the former Austrian Netherlands was allocated to the new Kingdom of the United Netherlands. It largely became referred to as Belgium; the latter, in 1830/1839, seceded from the Kingdom of the United Netherlands.

Belgium under French Administration : Consulate, 1799-1813
Belgium under French Administration : Directorate, 1795-1799
The Habsburgian Netherlands : the Brabant Revolution 1789-1790

The Austrian Netherlands : Joseph II., 1780-1790
The Austrian Netherlands : Maria Theresia, 1740-1780
The Austrian Netherlands, 1713-1740

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Students' Paper : Lee, Eun Soo, Battleground Belgium (2008)
Students' Paper : Kang, Jun-suk, Comparative Urban History : Brugge, Antwerpen and Amsterdam (2008)

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Historical Research in Europe, listing of archives; click Atlas Search, Belgium, 90 entries
Musea Lists, Links Category : Museums in Belgium, from Wikipedia
Musea, from research.be
Links from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (musea etc.)
Musea Museum Websites Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, Brussels, Belgium
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Coins, Banknotes Collection of 71 Coins from France, Brabant etc., 12th to 21st century, from Money Museum
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Search Coin Archives for Austrian Netherlands
Coins and Medals, from Belgica
Les Pieces des Pays-Bas Autrichiens, from Numista
Others Oostenrijkse Grenspalen in de Nederlanden : Limburgse Grensstreek, from Grensmarkeringen

Bibliographies general Datenbasis Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde (Data Base on International Relations and Country Studies) (site in German, most titles listed in English; numerous entries; publications mostly since 1970)
RHS Bibliography
UK National Archive Online Library
on Belgium. Bibliography on Belgian History, from Nouvelle Histoire; almost exclusively French language titles; not a single title in Flemish. detailed
Bibliography : Holdings on Belgian Studies of British Library
Belgian Bibliography, from the Royal Library at Brussels, in Dutch, in French
Suggesties voor Verhandelingen (suggestions for doctoral theses), from KADOC, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, in Dutch
Belgien, from Computatio
Belgian Editions, printed before 1801, on the Market, from BelEdiMar; a databank, not a sales site
Online Libraries general Google Books; Internet Archives; Gutenberg Library Online; HathiTrust; e-corpus
on Belgium Belgica, Digital Library of the Kingdom of Belgium
Thesis Servers E-Thesis, Licentiaatsverhandelingen on-line (doctoral theses online; Belgian, on history only, in Dutch)
University of Liege, ORBi - Open Repository Bibliography; Theses et E-Prints
Online Journals full text online Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis 2004-2009
Revue Belge d'Histoire Contemporaine, 1969-
Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des Chartes 1840-
Annuaire statistique et historique belge, 1854, 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1867, in French, posted on Internet Archive
Table of Contents
Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire, 1922-
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