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County of Hainaut Duchy of Brabant
First posted on September 14th 2011

Political History . The County of Flanders is first recorded for 862, then as part of the West Frankish Kingdom (of France), to which it belonged until 1495. In the course of the Middle Ages the Counts of Flanders acquired territory beyond the French border, in the Holy Roman Empire : Imperial Flanders (the Land van Aalst).
By language, Flanders was divided into the larger Flemish-speaking north and the smaller French-speaking south.
In 1384, by inheritance Flanders fell to the Dukes of Burgundy, who took up residence in Brussels and ruled Flanders as one of the territories of the Burgundian Netherlands. In 1495 the Burgundians were succeeded by the Habsburgers. In 1556 Flanders, with the Netherlands, fell to Spain.
Dutch Flanders was among the early centers of the Dutch Revolt, but Spain restored its control by force; Flanders became part of the Spanish Netherlands (1584-1713). Beginning in 1668, France expanded into Flanders by annexing stretches of Flemish territory, which became French Flanders. When the Habsbsurg line of Spanish kings had ended, King Philip V. of Spain had himself paid homage as Count of Flanders (1702), but in the War of Spanish Succession the formerly Spanish Netherlands were wrested from him and transformed into the Austrian Netherlands (1713-1795). In 1795 Flanders was annexed by France, in 1815 it became part of the Kingdom of the United Netherlands (1815-1830) and divided into the Provinces of East and West Flanders.

Church History . Flanders originally was part of the Diocese of Tournai (Archdiocese of Reims). In 1559, the dioceses of Brugge, Gent, Ieper were created, suffragan to the Archdiocese of Mechelen. While the Calvinist Reformation had strong roots in Flanders, Spain prevailed, the Counterreformation enforced, the county re-Catholicized.

Economic History . Due to the fertility of its soil and to its favorable location, Flanders became one of the most densely populated and, until the Industrial Revolution, most urbanized regions of Europe, Brugge became the center of Europe's trade on the Atlantic, until in the 15th center that trade shifted to Antwerpen in adjacent Brabant. The cities of Flanders were home to a flourishing textile industry.

Administrative History . Since about 1430, the sovereigns of Flanders resided in Brussels (in adjacent Brabant) and communicated in French. Flanders was represented by regional political institutions, the Staten van Vlaanderen and the Raad van Vlaanderen, who communicated mostly in Latin/Flemish.
The County of Flanders was divided into the Quarters of Brugge (Castellanies Brugse Vrije, Veurne-Ambacht, Wimmoksbergen-Ambacht, Broekburg-Ambacht), Gent (Castellanies Vier Ambachten, Land van Waas, Land van Dendermonde, Land van Aalst, Oudburg, Kortrijk, Oudenaarde), Ieper (Castellanies Ieper, Waasten, Belle-Ambacht, Kassel-Ambacht) and Lille (Castellanies Lille, Douai, Orchies).

This page deals with the County of Flanders, noit with the larger Region of Flanders created in 1973. For the period after 1668, this page remains with Spanish / Austrian Flanders, not the part of the county annexed by France, which is dealt with separately here.
For placenames, the spelling of the language dominating locally is used here (see table below).

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Modern Dutch

Historic Dutch

Brugge, Brugghe
Gend, Gendt, Ghendt

Lille (L'isle, Lisle)




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Die president ende raedslieden vande eerts-hertoghen van Oostenrijcke [...] graeuen van Vlaendren, etc. Gheordonneert in Vlaendren. Alsoomen zwaericheyt ghemaeckt heeft in het vuytgheuen en[de] ontfanghen van het Enghels gheldt, 1606, in Dutch, GB
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