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First posted on March 23rd 2002; last revised on January 7th 2011

The County of Luxemburg (within the Duchy of Lotharingia) was first mentioned in 963. In 1308, Count Heinrich von Luxemburg was elected Roman king, in 1312 crowned Emperor; he died in 1313. His son Johann in 1310 was crowned King of Bohemia and established the Luxemburg Dynasty in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown (capital Prague, until 1437). Johann's son Karl in 1348 was elected Roman king (Karl IV., -1378); the Luxemburg dynasty (centered on Prague) held on to the crown and the claim on the title of Emperor until 1437. In 1434, the County of Luxemburg was elevated to Duchy of Luxemburg.
In 1443 the Luxemburgian line extinguished, and the Duchy of Luxemburg was added to the Burgundian Lands. Following the death of Burgundian Duke Charles the Bold in 1477, the bulk of the Burgundian inheritance, including the Duchy of Luxemburg, fell to the Habsburg Dynasty. When the Habsburg possessions were partitioned in 1558, the Duchy of Luxemburg, together with the other Habsburg territories in the Netherlands, fell to the Spanish line.
Under Habsburg rule, the Inquisition made sure that the population remained Catholic. While the Duchy of Luxemburg was one of the larger territories of the Habsburg Netherlands, it was also one of the poorest. During the Dutch Revolt and War of Independence (1579-1648), Luxemburg did not get involved in the rebellion and Luxemburg was a secure Spanish stronghold.
From 1659 to 1713, Luxemburg was part of the Spanish Netherlands, and threatened by French expansionism. In 1659 Spain already ceded part of Luxemburg territory (Thionville) to France. From 1713 to 1797, Luxemburg belonged to the Austrian Netherlands. From 1795/1797 to 1814/1815 Luxemburg was part of France.. In 1815, parts of Luxemburg territory were ceded to France. and to Prussia. From 1815 to 1839, Luxemburg was part of the Kingdom of the United Netherlands. The secession of Belgium in 1830/1839 caused the partition of Luxemburg into the Belgian province by that name, and into the Grand Duchy, which was declared an independent state in personal union with the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Luxemburg, historically a part of the Holy Roman Empire (until 1806), in 1815 joined the German Federation. French efforts in 1867 to annex Luxemburg were foiled when Bismarck sent Prussian troops to occupy the fortress of Luxemburg; the international status of Luxemburg was confirmed by treaty. In 1890 the Personal Union of Luxemburg and the Netherlands was dissolved, and Luxemburg became an independent Grand Duchy.
The development of transportation technology and machinery made possible the flourishing of the Luxemburg mining and steel industry in the later half of the 19th century.
In 1914 and again in 1940, Luxemburg was invaded and occupied by German troops; in 1944/1945 the Battle of the Bulge was fought partly on Luxemburg territory. After World War II, Luxemburg joined Benelux, NATO and the ECSC/EEC/EC/EU.

For areas the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg lost in 1659, 1815 respectively 1839 see Alsace-Lorraine 1871-1914, Luxembourg (Belgian Province, 1839-), Rheinprovinz (Prussia/Germany 1815-1945), Saarland (Saargebiet, Germany 1919-), Rheinland-Pfalz (FRG, 1946-)

Military History : The Luxemburg Peasants' War 1798
Historical Atlas : Luxemburg Page

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