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Zeeland East Flanders
First posted on November 30th 2007, last revised on March 16th 2008

see also History of Belgium since 1830

Historical Atlas, Belgium Page

Country Profiles Article West Flanders (Prov.), from Wikipedia
Article West-Vlaanderen (Prov.), from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Links, on History Category West Flanders, from Wikipedia
Categorie : West-Vlaanderen (Prov.), from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Historical Dictionary
Historical Maps City maps Bruges, 2 maps 1904-1908, Ostende, 2 maps 1904, Ypres 1904, from Discus Media
City Panoramas 1750, from Historic Maps, Ostende
Accounts of History
Encyclopedia Articles Articles Bruges, Flanders, from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907
Articles Flanders, Blankenberghe, Bruges, Courtrai, Ostend, Ypres, Zeebrugge, from EB 1911
Articles Flandern, Brügge, Courtrai, Nieuport, Ostende, Ypern, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Article Flandern, from Brockhaus Konversationslexikon 1894-1896, in German
Politics Een electorale geschiedenis van de provincie West-Vlaanderen (An Electoral History of the Province of West Flanders) by Frederik Dhondt, in Dutch, since 1980
Military Articles Battle of Nieuwpoort (1600), First Battle of Ypres (1914), Second Battle of Ypres (1915), Battle of Passchendaele (1917), from Wikipedia
The Second Battle of Ypres (1915), from Trenches on the Web
Document : John Buchan : The First Battle of Ypres (1914), from World War I Document Archive
Fortresses : Courtrai, Ypres, Sieges : Ypres 1678, from Fortified Places
Economy Article Ostend Company, from EB 1911
Religion Diocese of Bruges, from Catholic Hierarchy
Cities Articles Bruges : History, Kortrijk : History, Nieuwpoort, Ostend : History, Roeselare, Ypres : History, from Wikipedia
Article Geschiedenis van Brugge, Ieper : Geschiedenis, Kortrijk : Geschiedenis, Nieuwpoort : Geschiedenis, Oostende : Geschiedenis, Roeselare : Geschiedenis, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Structures, Institutions Structurae : West Vlaanderen
Bibliographies Belgien : Flandern, from Computatio
Biographies F. van de Putte, Biographie des hommes remarquables de la Flandre Occidentale vol.1, 1843, vol.2, 1844, vol.3, 1847, vol.4, 1849. in French GB

Lists of Statesmen Categorie : Gouverneur van West-Vlaanderen, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
List of Governors since 1830, from Wikipedia
Population Figures Belgium, Historical Population Statistics of Greater administrative Regions, from Population Statistics (Jan Lahmeyer)
Documents Beeldbank Brugge, Beeldbank Oostende, comment in Dutch
Index of Historical Images : Belgium (13 on Blankenberghe, 13 on Bruges, 18 on Ostend), from KJA
Archives, Musea, Libraries Provinciale Archiefdienst West-Vlaanderen
Stadsarchief Brugge
Church Archives West Flanders, linked by Pascal Janssens
Archiefbank Vlaanderen, Online databank van private archieven
State Symbols Flag, from FOTW

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