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Canary Islands, 1496-1660

The conquest of the Canary Islands was completed in 1496. There were many interracial marriages; the Canarians were baptized and assimilated into the Castilian-Spanish culture.
The island economy was based on orchil, a dye stuff, and on sugar plantations introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese. Tobacco was introduced as another profitable plantation crop in 1541. A major producer of sugar, the Canary Islands became rich and also the target for pirate raids - Frenchman Jambe de Bois (Peg-Leg) in 1553 raided La Palma, in 1595 Englishman Francis Drake failed to take Santa Cruz; the Dutch razed it in 1599. Moroccans took Lanzarote in 1569 and 1586.
In 1592, King Philip II. of Spain withdrew the Spanish garrison; in 1598 a provincial militia was established.
In addition to it's riches produced by it's plantations, the Canary islands were an important stopover of the Spanish Treasure Fleet. In 1657 the British sunk the Treasure Fleet off Tenerife.
In the late 16th century, the Canarian sugar industry was outproduced by Brazil's rising sugar industry. Wine would replace sugar in many fields.
In the early 17th century, the Canarian industry suffered from restrictions imposed by the CASA DE CONTRATACION in Sevilla, which regulated how much and where the Canary islands could export, in an economy which was set up on a set of privileges and monopolies.

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