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Ifni 1957-1969

When Morocco became independent in 1956, Spain maintained that the territories of Ifni and Cabo Juby (or the Southern Protectorate) formed part of the Spanish Sahara and thus were not affected by Moroccan independence.
From June 1957 until April 1958, Spain fought the Ifni War - against rebels (ELN - Moroccan Liberation Army) which demanded the annexation of Ifni and Cabo Juby into Morocco; Morocco herself demanded the cession of these territories, but claimed not to be actively involved in the struggle. In April 1958 Spain ceded Cabo Juby and accepted Moroccan control of the outlying parts of the Ifni enclave, but held on to the city of Ifni and her immediate environs. In January 1958, Ifni and the Western Sahara were proclaimed Spanish overseas provinces under military rule.
While Spain emphasized the importance of Ifni as a bastion of the west in the struggle against communism (Morocco's Communist Party had also demanded Spain to cede Ifni), the UN in the 1960es criticized Spain for not having granted Ifni autonomy / independence. Spain and Morocco began diplomatic negotiations in 1963; Spain ceded Ifni to Morocco on June 30th 1969.
While a Spanish possession, Ifni gained notoriety for her postage stamp issues, mostly depicting fauna.

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