Western Sahara
before 1884
History of Northern Africa Spanish Sahara

Rio de Oro, 1884-1924

During the SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA, in 1884 Spain claimed the coastal stretch between Cape Bojador and Cape Blanc, calling the region RIO DE ORO (gold river). The border to (French-claimed) Mauritania was fixed in treaties with France in 1900 and 1904.
The Spanish established VILLA CISNEROS as the seat of administration. Large stretches of the interior long escaped Spanish authority, not established in some areas before the 1930es.
In 1924, the hitherto separately administrated regions of Rio de Oro and LA AGUERA were merged to form the Spanish Sahara. In 1948, the CAPE JUBY region (a stretch of land Spain gained in the partition of Morocco in 1911) was incorporated into the Spanish Sahara.

History of the Western Sahara, from Infoplease
Spanish Sahara, from Sandafayre Stamp Atlas
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