Spanish Sahara
History of Northern Africa

Western Sahara since 1976

When Spanish troops withdrew from the Western Sahara in 1976, 300,000 Moroccans staged a march into the territory - ca. 3 times the territory's entire population. Morocco, which does have legitimate historical claims over the territory, signed a treaty with Mauretania, partitioning the territory.
Yet a considerable segment of the Saharouis were not willing to accept either Mauretanian nor Moroccan rule. Refugees fled to Algeria, from were the POLISARIO FRONT organized a guerilla war against the occupying forces. In 1979, Mauretania withdrew from it's section of the Western Sahara, which then also was occupied by Moroccan troops; Morocco formally annexed the entire Western Sahara (1979). UN peacekeepers have been sent to the Western Sahara, and negotiations were held aiming at a referendum over the territory's future. Such a referendum has been delayed repeatedly, while the area continuously is under Moroccan administration.
Meanwhile, The SAHARAN DEMOCRATIC ARABIC REPUBLIC, proclaimed in exile in 1976, is recognized by 77 governments worldwide. It's seat is Algiers, it's president MAHFOUD ALI BEIBA (since 1995).

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