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Literature on the History of North Africa
Portugal Madeira
First posted on July 4th 2002, last revised on January 4th 2009

Açores since 1974
Açores 1939-1974
Açores 1918-1939
Açores 1880-1918
Açores 1815-1880
Açores 1660-1815
Açores before 1660

Historical Encyclopedia Entries : Açores 1834-1904

Country Profiles from Wikipedia
Links, General
Historical Maps
Accounts of History from Wikipedia; from Azores Tourist Guide
Robert L. Santos, Azoreans to California., A History of Migration and Settlement
Arnold van Wickeren, Geschiedenis van Portugal en van de Portugezen overzee, Deel 1 chapter 5 Het begin van de maritieme expansie, subch.8, De Azoren, Deel 6 chapter 1 De Atlantische eilanden, subch.2, De Azoren, Deel 7 chapter 5 De Atlantische eilanden, subch.2, De ontdekking en kolonisatie van de Azoren, Deel 9 chapter 1 De Atlandische eilanden en Opper-Guinea, subch.1, De Azoren, Deel 13 chapter 3, De Atlantische eilanden en West Afrika, subch.1, De Azoren, in Dutch, posted on Colonial Voyage
Encyclopedia Entries from EB 1911; from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907-1914; from Jewish Encyclopedia 1901-1906; from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German (spelled Azoren)
J. Chr. Nelkenbrecher, Allgemeines Taschenbuch der Münz-, Maass- und Gewichtskunde für Banquiers und Kaufleute (General Manual on Coinage, Measurement and Weights, for Bankers and Merchants) Berlin 1832, in German, entries San Miguel, posted by DTBSWS
Article Die Sieben Azorischen Inseln, from Brockhaus Conversations-Lexikon 1809, in German
Economy Global Currency History : Azores
Azores Economy, from azores.com
Azorean and New England Whaling and Fishing, by Robert L. Santos
Ethnography Azorean Migration, Azorean Immigration to the United States, by Robert L. Santos
Azoreans, from World Culture Encyclopedia
Religion Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : Portugal, by Kirken i Norge
Virtual Jewish History Tour : Azores, from Jewish Virtual Library
Patron Saint Index : Azores
History of Regions Early History of the Island of Terceira, by D. Holmes, book advertisement
History of Sao Miguel, from Wikipedia
History of Cities Article Ponta Delgada, from Wikipedia
Institutions Article University of the Azores, from Wikipedia
Article SATA Air Açores, from Wikipedia
Article Lajes Field (L. Airbase), from Wikipedia
Structurae : Açores
Bibliographies Search RHS Bibliography for Azores
Luso-Brazilian Books
Specific Topics Magali Duchesne, L'intervention française aux Açores en 1583 (The French Intervention on the Açores in 1583), thesis 2007

Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen
from Rulers (B. Schemmel), scroll down for the Azores; from Regnal Chronologies
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics, Portugal, Provinces, from Population Statistics by Jan Lahmeyer; look for Acores
Document Surveys Ch.12 : De Scriptoribus Rerum Africanarum et Americanarum, pp.263-273, in B.G. Struve, Selecta bibliotheca historica, 1705, in Latin, GB ; a catalogue of narrative historical sources
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Document Collections Search Delcampe Picture Postcards for Azores
Tour Guides Les Açores, pp.55-146 in C.P. de Kerhallet, Manuel de la navigation ?la c?e occidentale d'Afrique vol.1, 1857, in French, GB
Archives Genealogical Resources for Researching in the Azores, Portugal, by Portuguese Genealogy Home Page
Central Zone of the Town of Angra do Heroismo on the Azores, from UNESCO World Heritage
Portugal : Azores Index, from Showcaves
Symbols Flag, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry
Coins, Banknotes Coin Catalogue of Azores, from Numismaticon
Banknotes of the Açores, from cgb, a French language commercial site; from Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery
Search Coin Archives for the Azores
Stamps Rare Azores Stamps, from Sandafayre Stamp Gallery; Acores Stamps 1868-1920,

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Specific Topics W. Raleigh, A report of the truth of the fight about the isles of Azores, the last of August 1591, betwixt the Revenge, one of Her Majesty's ships, and an armada of the king of Spain (1591), posted on Internet Archive
J. Mees, Histoire de la decouverte des Iles Açores et de l'origine de leur denomination d'Iles Flamandes (1901) in French, posted on Internet Archive
M.E. do Amaral, Tratado das batalhas, e sucessos do galeam Santiago com os olandezes na ilha de Santa Elena, e da nao Chagas com os inglezes entre as ilhas dos Açores : ambas capitanias da carreyra da India, & da causa, & desastres, porque em vinte annos se perderao trinta, & oyto naos della (1736) in Portuguese, posted on Internet Archive
Sources G.A. Pery, Geographia e estatistica geral de Portugal e colonias, com um atlas (1875) in Portuguese, posted on Internet Archive
Historical Dictionaries Articles : Azores pp.54-56, in : James Minahan, Nations without States, A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements, Westport CT : Greenwood 1996 [G]

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