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Literature on the History of North Africa
Libya Ottoman Empire
First posted on March 14th 2005, last revised on April 15th 2009

Timeline : Barka / Cyrenaica

Historical Encyclopedia Entries : Barka 1857-1904
Historical Atlas, Libya Page
List of Wars : Libya Page

see also History of Libya, Ottoman Empire

Country Profiles onCyrenaica, on Barqa, from Wikipedia; from Wikipedia Italian edition; from Columbia Encyclopedia
Links, General
Timelines Chronology of U.S.-Libyan Relations, from America.gov; Libya Timeline, by Joseph T. Stanik
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Bibliography Search ISBN Database for Tripoli, Turco-Italian War, Ottoman Libya ..
RHS Bibliography, search for Barka, Cyrenaica; Search UK National Archive Online Library for Libya, Cyrenaica

Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon), from Rulers (B. Schemmel), Regnal Chronologies : North Africa, scroll down for Cyrenaica
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Libya, Provinces, from Population Statistics
Document Collections The 1949 UN Resolution regarding Libya's independence, from Libya, Our Home
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Modus vivendi, Italia - Senussia, 26 aprile 1917, from Prassi Italiana di Diritto Internazionale, in Italian
Archives, Musea, Libraries
National Symbols Flag, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes
Stamps Encyclopedia of Postal History, scroll down for Cyrenaica

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Historical Dictionaries
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