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Literature on the History of the Middle East
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First posted on July 4th 2002, last revised on April 15th 2010

In 1517, the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo was conquered and annexed by the Ottoman Empire. For much of the time under Ottoman rule neglected, in 1798-1799 it became a stage for the Anglo-French conflict. In 1805 a new governor, Muhammad Ali, began a policy of reforms, using foreign, mainly French advisors; he developed Egypt into a quasi-independent state. Egypt was of great strategic value, as the land route from the Mediterranean to Suez (explored since 1785) provided a route to India much shorter than the sea route around the Cape; in 1859-1869 the Suez Canal was constructed. Egypt economically rose to importance because of the cultivation of (American) cotton. Excessive expenses by the Khedives (Muhammad Ali's successors) resulted first in the sales of Egypt's Suez Canal shares, then in state bankrupcy, in response to which the British protectorate over Egypt was established (1882). The British interest in Egypt primarily was of stratefic nature - control of the Suez Canal. In 1922 / 1936 / 1952 Egypt was granted autonomy respectively independence.
From 1948 to 1967 Egypt administrated the Gaza Strip. In 1958, Egypt and Syria established the United Arab Republic (UAR); in reality Egypt and Syria largely remained distinct political entities. In the early 1970es, the name UAR was replaced by Egypt.

Timelines : Egypt 1805-1922, since 1922
Historical Atlas, Egypt Page
List of Wars : Egypt

Students' Paper : Kim, Doyeong : Alexandria: A Center of Interregional Trade and Host to Foreign Merchants (2012)
Students' Paper : Kang, Jun-suk : A History of Textiles in Egypt (2009)
Students' Paper : Lee, Seungwoo : Environmental History of North Africa (2009)
Students' Paper : Lee, Joo Hyung, Progress outside of Europe, as Reflected in 19th Century Encyclopedias : Egypt and Persia (2009)
Students' Paper : Kim, Hong, Mamluk Egypt and its Decline (2008)

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Military click here
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click here for the history of the Gaza Strip (Egyptian 1948-1967)
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collections click here
Egypt, Modern
Egypt, contemporary
Detail, modern
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Search AHA Archives Wiki for Egypt
Egypt's Royal Archives, 1922-1952, by Martin Kramer
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Museums in Egypt, from International Council of African Museums
Musea Museum Websites
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Egypt List, from Showcaves
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Egyptian Universities Library
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Clio, Voyages Culturels, Bibliographie Egypte
annual bibliographies
specialist bibliographies Online Publications on the History of Egyptian Architecture, posted by ArchNet
St.J. Davis, Recent Work in Coptic History and Historiography : a Bibliography
Chicago Online Bibliography on Mamluk Studies
C. Hugot, Ptolemaica. Une bibliographie de l'Egypte lagide
Digital Egypt : Bibliography for Prehistoric Egypt (and Nubia), Bibliography, Third Intermediate Period and Late Period, Bibliography of Egypt in the Greek and Roman and Islamic Period
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University of Minnesota, Early Christian Egypt : Bibliography
New Kingdom Egypt: A World 3500 Years Ago A Selected Bibliography
Ptolemaic: A Selective Bibliography
Select Bibliography on Christians and Monastic Communities in Early Islamic Egypt
serial publications American University of Cairo Press
Publications on Coptic History, from St. Mark Foundation
general bibliographies
Egypt entries
J. Gay, Bibliographie des ouvrages relatifs a l'Afrique et a l'Arabie : catalogue methodique de tous les ouvrages français et des principaux en langues etrangeres traitant de la geographie, de l'histoire, du commerce, des lettres et des arts de l'Afrique et de l'Arabie 1875, in French, Gallica
Roots Institute, Bibliography of Published Primary Sources in African History (English Language)
Ägypten-Bibliographie, from Afrika-Handbuch, at Univ. of Vienna
Bibliographie de l'Histoire de l'Afrique du Nord des originmes a la fin du Moyen-Age
Temehu. Bibliography. A List of Books About the Berbers, Berber history, language and culture.
Online Libraries general Google Books; Internet Archives; Gutenberg Library Online; HathiTrust; Gallica
International Boundary Studies
on Egypt Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Digital Assets Repository
Online Journals full text online The Oriental Herald and Journal of General Literature, vol.1 : Jan.-Apr. 1824, vol.2 : May-Aug. 1824, vol.3 : Sep.-Dec. 1824, vol.4 : Jan.-Mar. 1825, vol.6 : Jul.-Sep. 1825, vol.7 : Oct.-Dec. 1825, vol.8 : Jan.-Mar. 1826, vol.9 : Apr.-Jun. 1826, vol.10 : Jul.-Sep. 1826, vol.11 : Oct.-Dec. 1826, vol.12 : Jan.-Mar. 1827, vol.13 : Apr.-Jun. 1827, vol.14 : Jul.-Sep. 1827, vol.15 : Oct.-Dec. 1827, vol.16 : Jan.-Mar. 1828, vol.17 : Apr.-Jun. 1828, vol.18 : Jul.-Sep. 1828, vol.19 : Oct.-Dec. 1828, vol.20 : Jan.-Mar. 1829, vol.21 : Apr.-Jun. 1829, vol.22 : Jul.-Sep. 1829, vol.23 : Oct.-Dec. 1829, GB
Table of Contents
Coptica, 2002-
Historiography Article : Arabic Historiography, by E.M. Choueiri, pp.40-42 in vol.1 of A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing, NY 1998
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