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Literature on the History of the Middle East
Maghreb 671-1510
First posted on January 25th 2012

Umayyad Egypt . Egypt had been a province of the Byzantine Empire. In 639-641 it was conquered and annexed by the Caliphate which soon came under the Umayyad Dynasty, ruling from Damascus. The center of administration of Egypt was moved from Alexandria to al-Fustat, a suburb of modern Cairo. In response to heavy taxation, Egypts Christian Coptic population revolted in 725, 739 and 750.

Abbasid Egypt . In 750 the Umayyad Dynasty was ousted by the Abbasid Dynasty, and the capital moved from Damascus to Baghdad. In 831-832 the last major Coptic rebellion took place.

Tulunid Egypt . In 869 the Tulunid Dynasty (hitherto Abbasid governors of Egypt) declared independence. Capital : al-Qatta'i.

Abbasid Egypt . In 905 an Abbasid army reconquered Egypt.

Ikhshidid Egypt . Egypt remained Abbasid until the Ikshidid Dynasty took control in 935, which was ousted by the Fatimids (since 909 centered in Ifriqiya) in 969.

Fatimid Egypt . The Shi'ite Fatimid Dynasty founded Cairo ("the City Victorious") as the new capital, and established al-Azhar, by many regarded the world's oldest university. By 969 the Fatimids controlled Egypt, Barqa, the entire Maghreb, the Hejaz and Syria; the Fatimids claimed the title of Caliph.
Fatimid Caliph al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah (996-1021) is regarded the 16th Imam by the Ismailis. The Druzes of Syria, Lebanon and Israel revere him as an incarnation of God. The destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem at his command is regarded one of the factors which brought about the crusades.
The Zirid Dynasty ruling the Maghreb defied Fatimid sovereignty in 1049. In 1068 the Seljuqs conquered Cairo; in 1074 they were expelled. In 1099 the First Crusade conquered Jerusalem; a number of Christian crusader states were established on the Syrian coast. In 1167 Saladin established military control of Egypt; in 1171 he took the throne, ending the Fatimid Dynasty.

Ayyubid Egypt . Saladin in 1171 established the new dynasty, which lasted until 1250. Egypt became the target of the Fifth Crusade 1218-1221 and of the Seventh Crusade 1248-1254. While the latter was ongoing, the Ayyubid Dynasty in 1250 was replaced by the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo.

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