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Literature on the History of the Middle East
Ottoman Syria
First posted on November 23rd 2011

Early Ottoman Rule, 1517-1805 . In 1517, the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo was conquered and annexed by the Ottoman Empire. Syria, Hejaz and Barqa were separated from Egypt; Egypt was administrated as an Ottoman Eyalet. For much of the time under Ottoman rule neglected, in 1798-1799 it became a stage for the Anglo-French conflict.

Egypt of Mehmet Ali and the Khedives, 1805-1882 . In 1805 a new governor, Muhammad Ali, began a policy of reforms, using foreign, mainly French advisors; he developed Egypt into a quasi-independent state. Egypt was of great strategic value, as the land route from the Mediterranean to Suez (explored since 1785) provided a route to India much shorter than the sea route around the Cape; in 1859-1869 the Suez Canal was constructed. Egypt economically rose to importance because of the cultivation of (American) cotton. In 1821 Egypt conquered the Sudan; by 1833 Egypt established control over the Hejaz and Syria in a war with the Ottoman Empire. In 1843, Syria and the Hejaz were lost again, to the Ottoman Empire. In 1866 relations between the Ottoman Empire and Egypt were formalized : Egypt was elevated from Eyalet (province) to Khedivate and remained only nominally dependent on the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire ceded the ports of Suakin (Sudan) and Massawa (Eritrea) to Egypt; Egypt extended her authority along the western coast of the Red Sea, down to Cape Guardafui. An Egyptian invasion into Abyssinia 1875 failed. Excessive expenses by the Khedives (Muhammad Ali's successors) resulted first in the sales of Egypt's Suez Canal shares, then in state bankrupcy, in response to which the British protectorate over Egypt was established (1882).

British Protectorate, with Recognition of Ottoman Suzerainty, 1882-1914 . The British interest in Egypt primarily was of stratefic nature - control of the Suez Canal. Britain was interested in Egypt proper; when a rebellion broke out in the Egyptian Sudan, it showed little interest in supporting the Egyptian administration in suppressing the latter. When Egypt withdrew her garrisons from Berbera and Zeila, British forces moved in and held the territory as British Somaliland. When, in 1898, it was in the British interest to occupy the Sudan, Egypt was asked to contribute to the costs and the Sudan was declared an Anglo-Egyptian Condominium (until 1956).
During World War I, in 1914 the Ottoman Empire declared war on Britain; in turn Britain no longer recognized Ottoman suzerainty over Egypt. The Ottoman Empire was abolished in 1924.

Timelines : Egypt 1805-1922
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Coptica, 2002-
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