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Literature on the History of North Africa
Morocco Regency of Tunis 1705-1881
First posted on November 25th 2011

In the 15th century, the Ziyyanid Dynasty, capital Tlemcen, ruled Algeria's west and central Atlas region, while the Hafsid Dynasty, capital Tunis, ruled the east.
Early in the 16th century Spain established strongholds in North Africa : Oran (1509-1708, 1732-1792), Algiers (1510-1516, 1519-1524), Bejaia (Bougie) 1510-1555, Penon de Algiers 1519-1529). Temporarily, the Sultans of Tlemcen and Tunis accepted Spanish suzerainty.
Corsair Khaireddin Barbarossa took Algiers from the Spanish in 1516. When facing another Spanish attack in 1519 Barbarossa recognized Ottoman suzerainty. He retook Algiers in 1524, took Tlemcen in 1554. Algiers was an Ottoman Eyalet, nominally until 1830 (-1848), when conquered by France.
Algiers untertook naval expeditions against the Christian world, interpreted by the latter as piracy; Algiers was a major port of what contemporary European sources call the "Barbary Coast".

Administrative History of Algeria

Students' Paper : Lee, Seungwoo : Environmental History of North Africa (2009)

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Algerien-Bibliographie, from Afrika-Handbuch, at Univ. of Vienna
Bibliography Algeria, anonymous
R.L. Playfair, A Bibliography of Algeria, from the Expedition of Charles V. in 1541 to 1887 (1898), Supplement, until 1895, posted on Internet Archive
Algeria, a Bibliography of Events sinnce 1991, from Cornell
on specific issues Online Publications on the History of Algerian Architecture, posted by ArchNet
Food and Culture (a bibliography), by R.T. Dirks, click on North Africa
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Swiss Electronic Library; Gallica
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on Algeria
Online Journals full text online Persee (Digital Library of Academic Journals, Mainmtained in France)
Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Mediterran? 1966-1999, Persee
Revue Africaine 1856-1961
Revue de l'Orient et de L'Algerie et de colonies: bulletin et actes de la societe orientale, Algerienne et coloniale de France, vol.9 1851, vol.14 1853, vol.15 1854, n.s. vol.3 1856, n.s. vol.4 1856, n.s. vol.5 1857, n.s. vol.7 1858, n.s. vol.11 1860, n.s. vol.12 1860, n.s. vol.13 1861, n.s. vol.14 1862, n.s. vol.17 1864, n.s. vol.18 1864, GB, in French
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Nouvelles Annales de la Marine et des Colonies, vol.5 1851, Table oif Contents 1842-1847, Partie Officielle, in French, GB
L'Afrique française 1837, in French, GB
Annuaire de la Societe archeologique de la province de Constantine 1853, 1854-1855, 1856-1857, 1858-1859, 1860-1861, 1862, in French, GB
Table of Contents
Historiography Article : African Historiography - North Africa (Maghreb), by E. Ann McDougall and Mohamed Lahbib Noubi, pp.8-11, Article : Arabic Historiography, by E.M. Choueiri, pp.40-42 in vol.1 of A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing, NY 1998
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Specific Topics J. Hathaway, The Arab Lands under Ottoman Rule 1516-1800, Harlow : Longman Pearson 2008 KMLA Lib. Call Sign 953.03 H363a
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Historical Dictionary Phillip C. Naylor, Historical Dictionary of Algeria, Lanham Md : Scarecrow 2006, 572 pp. [G]

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