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Literature on the History of North Africa
First posted on November 24th 2011

In 1705 the Ottoman Eyalet of Tunis was transformed into the Beylik of Tunis (Regency of Tunis). It remained nominally a tributary of the Ottoman Empire, but functioned practically as an independent state.
Contemporary European sources list it as one of the Barbary Coast states.
In 1878/1881 France established a protectorate over Tunisia.

Timeline : Tunisia
Historical Encyclopedia Entries : Tunisia 1809-1902
List of Wars, Tunisia

Students' Papers : Lee, Seungwoo : Environmental History of North Africa (2009)

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Country Profiles Current
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Tunisia Page, from African Studies at UPenn
Category : Tunisia, from Wikipedia
on History Category : History of Tunisia, from Wikipedia
History of Tunisia, from European Navigator
Harissa, French language website with numerous pages on detailed aspects of Tunisian history
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Military click here
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History of Regions History of Djerba, from Wikipedia
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Article Bizerte : History, Gabes : History, Kairouan : History, Sfax : History, Sousse : History, Tunis : History from Wikipedia
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Documents Historical Newspapers Kranten Historisch [historical newspapers]
Image Databanks Wikimedia Commons
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Search Foreign Relations of the United States for Tunis, Tunisia
Constitutions, Laws
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Encyclopedia Entries
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Institutions Archives Archives Nationales, Tunisie
Search AHA Archives Wiki for Tunisia
Les Archives Nationales de Tunisie
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Archives, from Institut Superieure d'Histoire du Mouvement National
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Museums in Tunisia, from International Council of African Museums
Musees, from Institut Superieure d'Histoire du Mouvement National
Musea Museum Websites
Monuments World Heritage List, scroll down for Tunisia; from UNESCO World Heritage; Tentative Lists : Tunisia
Tunisia List, from Showcaves
Libraries Bibliotheque Nationale, Tunisie
Tunisia, from Directory of Libraries in North Africa
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms
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