before 1830 History of the Pacific Islands

Samoa, 1830-1899

The first missionaries sent by the LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY arrived in 1830. In 1834 they had established Samoan as a language of writing. Soon foreign ships arrived and Samoa - still divided in a number of competing, at times warring chieftainships, signed treaties regulating trade with foreign nations, the first with the US in 1838. The years 1848-1873 saw the WARS FOR SUPREMACY, in which the combattants were armed by western merchants.
American troops landed on Samoa in 1841 to punish the murder of am American citizen, in 1889 to protect US citizens in a threatening Samoan Civil War, in 1899 to interfere in a fight over succession to the Samoan throne..
A British consulate was opened in 1847, a US consulate in 1851, a Hamburg consulate in 1861 (later transformed into a German consulate). US Col. A.B. Steinberger helped negotiated a peace which virtually placed him in power (1875); a constitution was drafted (1875), but he was deposed and deported by the British in 1876. The peace so intricately negotiated proved fragile, the confederation broke up and from time to time violence broke out.
The issuance of postage stamps by private companies began in 1877. In 1879 the British established the municipality of APIA. In 1884 German troops occupied Apia to reestanlish law and order (the Hamburg trading firm Godeffroy had opened a trading station here in 1860).
Now the Germans, British and Americans competed for shares in the Samoan trade; in the TREATY OF BERLIN 1889 all three agreed to recognize Samoan independence. When tribal warfare resumed in 1899, the treaty was annulled and Samoa partitioned; Germany gained Western Samoa (the larger share).

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