1850-1893 History of the Pacific Islands 1918-1939

The Solomon Islands 1893-1918

In 1893 Britain formally established a protectorate over the southern Solomon Islands (New Georgia, Guadalcanal, Malaita, San Cristobal). The seat of administration was HONIARA on Guadalcanal. In 1898, the eastern islands were annexed. When Britain agreed to the partition of Samoa among Germany and the USA, Germany ceded CHOISEUL and ISABEL to Britain, which were included in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate (1900).
World War I broke out in 1914. Deutsch-Neuguinea, the Bismarck Archipelago and the German Solomon Islands of Bougainville and Buka were occupied by Australian troops. They came under Australian military occupation; the administrative partition of the Solomon Islands was to continue.

History of the Solomon Islands, from Infoplease
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