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Indonesia Papua New Guinea
First posted on November 21st 2004, last revised on May 14th 2010

Parts of Western Papua in precolonial times were subject to the Sultanate of Tidore. Dutch began to establish outposts in 1828, claiming western New Guinea for the Dutch East Indies. When Indonesia was released into Independence (1949), the Netherlands held on to Netherlands New Guinea. In the early 1960es Indonesia launched its Konfrontasi policy; in 1963 the Dutch withdrew and Netherlands New Guinea, renamed Irian Jaya, was annexed by Indonesia. In 2003 the province was split in two, Irian Jaya and West Irian Jaya. In 2007 the provinces were renamed, Papua and West Papua respectively.

Timeline : Irian Jaya

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Country Profiles Articles : Papua (Province); West Papua (Province), from Wikipedia
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Organizations Papua Erfgoed
Portal (West) PapuaWeb
Accounts of History General Peter van der Heijden, History of Netherlands New Guinea (Irian Jaya/West Papua)
Irian Jaya, a troubled history, from BBC News
A brief history of West Papua, by K. Peart
Specific Periods Article : Netherlands New Guinea, from Wikipedia
Article : Nederlands Nieuw Guinea, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Military CASCON Case WIR : West Irian 1962-1963, by L.P. Bloomfield, L. Moulton
Economy & Finances
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Religion Globale indeling van de geschiedenis van de franciscaner missie in Papoea, from Boinkbeeld , in Dutch; begins 1937
Local History Article : Kota Jayapura, from Wikipedia
Article Jayapura, from greatestcities.com
Institutions Indonesia, from Airline History; several Papua entries
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Newsreels, Films Indisch Filmarchief - Netherlands Indies Movies Archive
Polygoon in Nieuw Guinea
Illegal Referendum in West Papua 1969 Part 1, (Part2), youtube
West Papuan's story on SBS Television in Australia, 2010, youtube
The Dutch New Guinea Dispute 1949-1962, Operation Trikora 1961-1962, youtube
Dutch New Guinea in HD Color 1949-1962, youtube
Archival Deposits Search ARCHIEVEN.NL for Nederlands Nieuw Guinea
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Mofa, NL ; enter "Indonesie" in field : "Lijst samenstellen op land of regio", 12 entries; sources posted in Dutch language
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Historical Maps
Encyclopedia Entries
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
Staten Generaal Digitaal (Dutch Parliament, 1900-1994)
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P. Sonnerat, Voyage a la Nouvelle Guinee, 1776, in French, GB
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Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag of the West Papua Separatist Movements, posted by FOTW
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