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Tokelau Islands Fiji
First posted on October 25th 2010, last revised on September 9th 2013

First settled between 2500 and 1500 B.C.; the first European to visit the islands was Dutchman Jakob Roggeveen 1722; he called Samoa The Navigators Islands, a name which stuck with them far into the 19th century. The first missionaries arrived in the 1830s.
The Tripartite Convention of 1900 partitioned Samoa into American Samoa, Western Samoa (1900-1919 German). Germany ceded two of the Solomon Islands to Britain, and Germany and the U.S. acquiesced in a British protectorate over Tonga and Niue,
For the history from 1900 onward, see under American Samoa, Western Samoa.

Samoa 1830-1899

Timeline : (Western) Samoa
Historical Atlas, Samoa Page

Student Papers : Lee, Yeonhwa, Samoa 1899 as portrayed in "Punch"

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on History Category : History of Samoa, from Wikipedia
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Fellowship of Samoa Specialists (Philately)
Pacific Islands Museums and Cultural Institutions Association (PIMA)
Pacific Islands Study Circle (Philately)
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Samoa is listed among the countries without armed forces (Wikipedia)
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Historical Maps click here
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