Time of Troubles, 1598-1613 Russia and Orthodoxy abroad

The Early Romanovs

In peace treaties with Sweden (1617, PEACE OF STOLBOVO) and Poland (1618, TRUCE OF DEULINO) stability was achieved and some territory regained. In 1634, Polish king Vassily renounced his claim to Russia's throne, thus acknowledging the Romanov dynasty.
In 1648 the ZAPOROZHIAN COSSACKS rebelled against Polish rule and Jesuit oppression and switched their allegiance to Russia, which lead to years of war between Russia and Poland-Lithuania. In the PEACE OF ANDRUSSOVO (1667), Poland-Lithuania ceded Smolensk, Chernigov, the territories east of the Dnjepr and the city of Kiev to Russia. In the east, Russia continued to explore and claim the territories up to the Pacific Ocean.

Russia's Czars, 1547-1645
Mikhail I.
Fyodor III.
Sophia (Regent for minor Peter I.)

Notes on the Russian Army of the 17th Century (1632-98), by Vladimir Velikanov , detailed
Czar Alexis : Between Old and New, by Peter Botticelli
REFERENCE From Muscovite to Imperial Russia, in : John Channon and Robert Hudson, The Penguin Historical Atlas of Russia, London : Penguin 1995, pp.44-47

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