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Ukraine 1944-1956

In 1944 the USSR had, politically, been restored, at the cost of 22 million lives. Ukraine, Belarus and the region around Leningrad had suffered most of the destruction and carnage. Stalin's apparatus of control and supervision was a burden to the entire Soviet society, but felt even more pressing in a country which had suffered more and where the population found itself under special scrutiny, as part of the population was suspected of having had collaborated with the enemy, and others were suspected of being illoyal to the Communist system because they had, albeit as the victims of foreign occupation, experienced a different system.
The USSR and the Polish People's Republic agreed on a mutual exchange of minorities. Ukrainians living in Western Galicia were deported to the USSR; Poles living in Eastern Galicia deported to Poland. Ukrainians in Poland resisted this policy for several years.
In the late 1940es and in the 1950es, the Ukrainian economy recovered. The Ukraine, traditionally Russia's breadbasket, supplied the USSR with much of its grain. The cities, the factories were rebuilt, new factories established (especially those producing weapons). Urban centers, such as Kiev, got sports facilities, where talents which could contribute to the Soviet medal tally at Olympic Games were reared.
In 1954, the Crimean ASSR was incorporated into the Ukrainian ASSR.
The Ukrainian SSR held a seat in the United Nations. However, Ukrainian policy continued to be determined in Moscow.

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