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First posted on June 1st 2006, last revised August 30th 2010

In 1864 the Russian conquest of Circassia was completed; a large part of the Circassian population emigrated into the Ottoman Empire. The Adyghe people chose to remain in their homeland which now was part of the Russian Empire (Kuban Gubernia).
In 1922, within the RSFSR and carved out of Kuban-Black Sea Oblast, Cherkess Autonomous Oblast was established. In the same year it was renamed Adyghe (Cherkess) Autonomous Oblast. In 1924 it was placed under the RSFSR's North Caucasus Krai. In 1928 it was renamed Adyghe Autonomous Oblast. In 1934 it was separated from North Caucasus Krai and placed under Azov-Black Sea Krai. In 1937 it was placed under Krasnodar Krai. In 1991 it was elevated from autonomous oblast to republic.

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