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Tatarstan Orenburg Oblast
First posted on June 1st 2006, last revised on August 6th 2010

History and Administrative Division . The Bashkir ASSR was established in 1919 as the first ASSR within the RSFSR, at first consisting only of Little Bashkortostan. Her territory was carved out of Ufa and Orenburg Gubernia. The capital was Ufa. In 1990 the Bashkir ASSR was elevated into Bashkir SSR; in 1992 the Republic of Bashkortostan was declared.
As of 2008, Bashkortostan borders on the Udmurt Republic amd Perm Krai in the north, on Chelyabinsk Oblast in the east and south, on Samara Oblast and on Tatastan in the west.
As of 2008, Bashkortostan consists of 53 districts.

Population . The population was 3,144,700 in 1939, 3,340,000 in 1959, 3,848,000 in 1979, 3,950,000 in 1989, 4,101,700 in 2001 (Lahmeyer).

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Musea See Republic of Bashkortostan, from Global Tourism Network
Monuments See Republic of Bashkortostan, from Global Tourism Network
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag of Bashkiria, Bashkir ASSR, from FOTW
Bashkir ASSR Coat of Arms, from Civic Heraldry
Bashkortostan Coat of Arms, from Civic Heraldry

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