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First posted on April 19th 2004, last revised on September 1st 2010

The CRIMEAN KHANATE emerged in 1438/1441 by breaking away from the Khanat of the Golden Horde. In 1478 it accepted the protection of the Ottoman Empire. Capital Bakhchisaray, religion Islam. The Crimean Tatars frequently undertook raids into the adjacent territories of the Grand Duchy of Muscovy (since 1547 Russian Empire) and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in response to which in the borderland the Cossack Hosts formed. In 1774 the Ottoman Empire had to recognize the 'independence' of the Crimean Khanate; in 1783 the Crimean Khanate was conquered and annexed by the Russian Empire; its territory was to become Taurida Gubernia.
Following the Russian Revolution Taurida Gubernia was split; the peninsula was to form the Crimean ASSR (within the RSFSR) 1921-1945, changed into Crimean AO 1945-1954. In 1954 the Crimean AO was ceded by the RSFSR to Ukrainian SSR.
The mainland parts of Taurida Gubernia in 1921 were annexed by the newly-formed Ukrainian SSR.
Upon the dissolution of the USSR at the end of 1991, Ukraine became independent.

The territory of the Crimean Khanate was thinly populated, as the CRIMEAN TATARS had lived a lifestyle of warlike pastoral nomads. The Russian conquest opened the country up for the settlement of Russians and Christian immigrant settlers from Germany and from the Christian regions of the Balkan peninsula. The Russians established new administrative centers (Simferopol), causing the traditional, Tatar center of Bakhchisaray to decline. The Tatar population had to adjust their lifestyle to the new reality, giving up on their raids and accepting restrictions on the usage of the steppe as pasture.
While the non-Tatar population grew steadily, the Tatar population was marginalized and declined, as there were several waves of Tatar emigrations (to the Ottoman Empire). The Crimea repeatedly was the site of military conflicts, during the Crimean War 1853-1856, in WW I (1918) and the subsequent Russian Civil War (1918-1920) and in WW II (1941-1944). The belligerents attempted to get the Crimean Tatars choose their side, and the loyalty of the Crimean Tatars to the state was questioned, which after the conflict resulted in repressive policy causing an exodus (Crimean War) or in the mass deportation ordered by Stalin in 1944.
The Crimean Tatars first became an ethnic minority in what used to be their land, in 1944 were collectively deported to Uzbekistan, where not permitted to return to the Crimea in 1957 (when other ethnicities deported in 1943/1944 were given such permission) and only could return from the implementation of Perestroika onward, 1985ff. Crimean Tatar organizations have striven to maintain their culture and identity.

Crimea until 1478
Crimea 1478-1584 . Ottoman Empire
Crimea 1584-1696 . Ottoman Empire
Crimea 1696-1774 . Ottoman Empire
Crimea 1774-1783
Crimea 1783-1853 . Taurida Gubernia . Russian Empire
Crimea 1853-1889 . Taurida Gubernia . Russian Empire
Crimea 1889-1917 . Taurida Gubernia . Russian Empire
Crimea 1917-1921 . Ukraine
Crimea 1921-1944 . Ukraine . USSR
Crimea 1944-1991 . Ukraine . USSR
Crimea since 1991 . Ukraine

For the History 1783-1917 see also History of Russia

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Students' Paper : Kim, Hong, The History of Crimea and Circassia as Portrayed in 19th Century Encyclopedias (2009)

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