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First posted on June 1st 2006, last revised on July 29th 2010

Until the early 19th century Dagestan belongted to Safavid Persia, then briefly to the Russian Empire (1722-1735), then to Afsharid respectively Zand Persia. In 1796/1803 the Khanate of Avaristan (which covered Dagestan) submitted to Russian suzerainty. The Dagestani resisted Russian taxation; their resistance was broken in 1864. The territory of modern Dagestan was administratively divided in Derbent Gubernia 1846-1860 / Dagestan Oblast 1860-1917 and Terek Oblast.
During the Russian Civil War (1917-1921) Dagestan formed part of the Republic of Northern Caucasus, but then was annexed into the RSFSR; the Dagestan ASSR was established in 1921.
The Dagestan ASSR, as part of the RSFSR, from 1922 to 1991 was part of the USSR. During the transition from communism to democracy it was renamed Dagestan Republic. The USSR disintegrated in 1991; Dagestan Republic now forms part of the Russian Federation.

Alternate spellings : Dagestan, Daghestan, Dachestan, Dagg Estan, Dakistan, Dagistan

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