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Livonia Grand Duchy of Lithuania
First posted on August 24th 2006, last revised on December 15th 2011

Political History . The Duchy of Muscovy emerged as a principality of Kievan Rus. The Kipchak Tatar conquest of Kiev in 1240 destroyed the bracket which held Kievan Rus together, turning the individual principalities of the former into vassall states of the Kipchak Tatar Khanate (the Khanate of the Golden Horde).
In the Battle of Kulikovo (1380) the Grand Duchy of Muscovy threw of the Tatar yoke. During and after the disintegration of the Kipchak Tatar Khanate 1440-1480, Muscovy began a policy of expansion, uniting the Russian lands (except for those under the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) under her rule; the Republic of Novgorod was annexed in 1478.
In 1547, Ivan the Terrible (in Russia called Ivan the Great) had himself crowned Czar of all the Russias, thus creating the Russian Empire. In 1552, Kazan Khanate was conquered and annexed, in 1556 Astrakhan Khanate annexed, in 1584 Sibir Khanate conquered.

Alternative Titles . Since 1547, Czardom oo all the Russias (plural), a change which was not immediately recognized internationally. Especially reluctant in the recognition was the Rzeczpospolita (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). Contemporary non-Russian language historical sources continue to refer to the country as Muscovy, rather consistently throughout the 17th century, and in some cases far into the 18th century. For this reason, below sources up to the ascent of Peter the Great to the Russian throne are also listed here.
The Wikipedia claims the correct title to be : Grand Duchy of Moscow.

Church History . Since 988 Orthodox Christianity official religion. When Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, the Metropolitanate of Moscow claimed autokephalous status for the Russian Orthodox Church. It claimed to be in charge of the entire Russian Orthodox Church (which included areas of modern Ukraine and Belarus, at that time part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania); a claim at that time rejected by Lithuania and her successor, the Rzeczpospolita.

Historical Atlas, Russian Empire, Europe Page

Students' Paper : Kim, Jae Hee, History of Polish-Russian/Soviet Relations (2009)

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Musea Article : Moscow Kremlin, from Wikipedia
The Moscow Kremlin
Monuments Article : Moscow Kremlin, from Wikipedia
The Moscow Kremlin
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Article : Coat of Arms of Moscow, from Wikipedia
Coins Search Coin Archives for Muscovy, Moscow, Russia
Search Early Dated Coins for Muscovy, Moscow, Russia
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