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Saratov Gubernia Samara
First posted on August 2nd 2010

History and Administrative Division . From 1485 to 1554 Astrakhan was the capital of the (Kipchak Tatar) Khanate of Astrakhan. In 1554 and again in 1557 it was conquered and annexed by the Russian Empire. An attempt to throw off Russian rule with the aid of an Ottoman army failed in 1569.
Astrakhan was a center of rebellions in 1670 (Stenka Razin) and in 1705 (Raskolniks).
When established in the 18th century, Astrakhan Gubernia was larger, including the Lower Middle Volga Basin and the Russian Northern Caucasus. Astrakhan Gubernia was home to a Cossack Host, and to the Volga Kalmyks who long served as Russian auxiliary forces. In 1771 a rapacious Russian official caused a Kalmyk exodus.
In the early 19th century Astrakhan Gubernia got the borders it would maintain until the end of the century. It bordered on Saratov Gubernia and Samara Gubernia in the North, on the territory of the Ural (Yaik) Cossacks in the East, on the territory of the Don Cossacks in the West, on Stavropol Gubernia in the South.
The population was composed of Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Kalmyks, Kirghis, Armenians, Chuvash, Georgians, Persians, Indians, Bukharans, Khiva Turkmen, Kizilbash, Greeks and Germans (settlements along the Volga).
Astrakhan Gubernia was divided in 5 Uyezds (districts) : Astrakhan, Krasniyar, Yenotayevsk, Chernitar, Tsarev.
Following the Russian Revolution, Astrakhan Gubernia became part of the RSFSR; part of it became part of Kalmyk ASSR (within the RSFSR).

Spelling alternatives : Astracan, Astrachan, Astrakhan

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