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Gubernia Podolia Gubernia Kherson
First posted on February 15th 2008, last revised on July 23rd 2010

History and Administrative Division . Prior to 1812 part of the Principality of Moldavia respectively Budjak (which again was part of the Ottoman Vilayet of Silistra, a province of the Ottoman Empire.
Created as Bessarabia Oblast in 1812. Following the defeat in the Crimean War, the Russian Empire ceded a stretch of land, also referred to as Bessarabia, on the left bank of the lower Pruth and Danube Rivers, with Izmail, to Moldavia (Romania); in 1878, Romania ceded the area back to the Russian Empire. Elevated to Bessarabia Gubernia in 1873, dissolved in 1917-1925. In 1918 annexed by Romania, ceded to the USSR (Moldova, Ukraine) in 1940 and again in 1944.
In c.1890, Bessarabia Gubernia was divided into 7 Uyezds - Akkerman, Bender, Bieltsy, Khotin, Kishinev, Orgeyev, Soroki (Meyer; by 1906 there were eight Uyezds, Izmail having been added (EB 1911.
The Zemstvo Constitution was introduced in Bessarabia in 1869.
See historic encyclopedias 1809-1902 on Bessarabia's Demographic History.

Population . In 1840 the population was 685,300, in 1867 1,052,000, in 1885 1,526,500, in 1914 2,657,000 (J. Lahmeyer). The population was composed of Moldavians, Russians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Greeks, Gagauz, Germans, Armenians, Tatars; by confession Romanian / Russian / Bulgarian / Serb / Greek Orthodox, Protestants, Jews, Muslims. In 1903, the Jewish population of capital Kishinev was the target of state-organized mob violence (Kishinev Pogrom), in the course of which 47 were killed, 700 houses looted; a second pogrom followed in 1905. The events triggered the emigration of part of the Jewish population.

Economy . In 1884, c.50 % of the land was pastorage, c.20 % farmland, c.20 % wasteland. The most important agricultural products include grain, maize, tobacco, pumpkins, beets. Mulberry trees and vineyards were cultivated. Animal husbandry was of importance. Salt, marble, salpetre and coal were produced. In 1879 130 factories with a combined total of 894 industrial workers were counted. See historic encyclopedias 1809-1902 on Bessarabia's Economic History.

Culture . Capital Kishinev was seat of a diocesis.

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