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First posted on February 12th 2008, last revised on July 28th 2010

History and Administrative Division . The territory of the Government of Grodno was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania / of Poland-Lithuania until 1793/1795. It was an administrative unit (government) of the Russian Empire until the Russian Revolution, following which it formed part of Poland; from 1939 to 1941 and since 1944 the larger part of it is part of Belarus (until 1991 itself being part of the USSR).
Following the Third Polish Partition in 1795, Slonim Gubernia was founded, consisting of 8 uyezds : Brest, Volkovysk, Grodno, Kobrin, Lida, Novogrudok, Pruzhany, and Slonim uezd. In 1797, Slonim and Vilna Gubernia were merged to form the Lithuanian Gubernia, centered on Vilna. In 1801, Lithuanian Gubernia was divided, Slonim Gubernia reestablished; in 1802 Slonim Gubernia was renamed Grodno Gubernia. In 1807 the separate Bialystok region (uyezds Bialystok, Byelsk, Sokolka) was established; in 1843 Bialystok region was dissolved, Bialystok, Byelsk and Sokolka uyezds annexed into Grodno Gubernia, while the latter ceded Novogrudok Uyezd to Minsk Gubernia, Lida Uyezd to Vilna Gubernia.
Grodno Gubernia bordered on Congress Poland in the west, on Vilna Gubernia in the north, on Minsk Gubernia in the east, on Volhynia Gubernia in the south. From 1843 to 1917, Grodno Gubernia was composed of 9 uyezds (districts) : Bialystok, Byelsk, Brest-Litovsk, Grodno, Kobrin, Pruzhany, Slonim, Sokolka, Volkovysk.
The Zemstvo constitution was introduced in 1911.

Population . In 1906 the population was 1,826,600, predominantly Belarussians, followed by Jews, Poles, Lithuanians, Germans. About 60 % were Russian Orthodox, c.26 % Roman Catholic, c.12 % Jews, followed by smaller numbers of Protestants and Muslims.
Area and population were ffected by Napoleon's invasion of Russia 1812-1813, by the Polish Rebellion of 1830-1831, by the Polish Rebellion of 1863-1864, and by World War I.

Economy . 39.6 % of the area was farmland, 26 % covered by forest, 20 % pastorage, the remainder swamp. Grain, potatoes and tobacco were cultivated. After Moscow Gubernia Grodno Gubernia had the second largest wool processing industry in the Russian Empire. In 1882 there were 847 factories with a combined workforce of 10,177 industrial workers. Further industries of importance included tobacco processing and distillery.

Culture . The Julian Calendar was reintroduced in 1800.

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