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Gubernia Bessarabia Gubernia Taurida
First posted on February 16th 2008, last revised on July 25th 2010

History and Administrative Division . Kherson Gubernia was established in 1803; predecessor Novorossija Gubernia. Kherson Gubernia bordered on Taurida Gubernia in the southeast, on Bessarabia Gubernia in the west, on Podolia, Kiev and Poltava Gubernia in the north, on Ekaterinoslav Gubernia in the east. Originally (as of 1809) divided in five Uyezds : Alexandria, Kherson, Ananiev, Tiraspol, Yelizavetgrad; in 1825 Odessa added as sixth Uyezd, in 1828-1865 Bobrynets functioned as the 7th Uyezd (W : Kherson G.). In 1920 partitioned, in 1922 reunited, in 1925 abolished. From 1917 the territory of Kherson Gubernia formed part of Ukraine.
In 1865 the Zemstvo constitution was introduced in Kherson Gubernia; the Zemstvo Council was exclusively composed of nobles (EOA : Zemstvo).

Population . The population rose from 370,000 in 1811 to 1,330,000 in 1863 to 3,745,000 in 1914 (J. Lahmeyer), largely due to immigration. The ethnic composition of the population was diverse, consisting in order of importance of Ukrainians, Romanians, Russians, Jews, Germans, Bulgarians, Serbs, Greeks, Gypsies, the Germans to be differentiated in Lutherans and Mennonites.

Economy . In 1879 Kherson Gubernia had 128 factories with a combined total of 2,345 industrial workers (Meyer. In 1906, 45 % of the land was owned by peasant communities, 31 % by the nobility, 12 % by the crown (EB 1911).

Culture . Kherson seat of a Russian Orthodox Eparch responsible for Kherson and Taurida Gubernias.

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