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Gubernia Vilna
First posted on February 12th 2008, last revised on July 29th 2010

History and Administrative Division . The territory of the Government of Kovno was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania / of Poland-Lithuania until 1795, when it was annexed by the Russian Empire.
From 1795 to 1797 the territrory of future Kovno Gubernia was part of Vilna Gubernia, from 1797 to 1801 it was part of Lithuania Gubernia (combining former Vilna and Slonim Gubernias, capital Vilna), from 1802 to 1843 part of a smaller Lithuania Gubernia (in essence the old Vilna Gubernia, capital Vilna). In 1843 Kovno Gubernia was created by separation from Vilna Gubernia.
Vilna Gubernia bordered on the Prussian (later German) province of East Prussia, on Congress Poland and on Vilna Gubernia in the south, on Kurland Gubernia in the north. Kovno Gubernia was divided in 7 Uyezds (districts) : Kovno (Kaunas), Novo Alexandrovsk (Zarasai), Ponevyezh (Panevezys), Rosieny (Raseiniai), Shavli (Siauliai), Telshi (Telsiai), Vilkomir (Vilkmerge).
Following the Russian Revolution, most of Kovno Gubernia formed part of Lithuania; small parts of Kovno Gubernia in 1920 became part of Latvia, a stretch of land in the extreme east became part of Poland.

Population . The population was 1,156,040 in 1870, and 1,553,244 in 1897. Ethnically, it was composed of majority Lithuanians, with German, Polish, Latvian and Russian minorities; by religion the majority was Roman Catholic, followed by Jews, Protestants and Russian Orthodox christians. The area and population was affected by Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812-1813, the Polish insurrection of 1830-1831, the Polish insurrection of 1863-1864, by the Russification policy enforced in 1880-1905, by World War I, the Russian Civil War and the Polish-Russian War of 1919-1921. Nineteenth century publications often differentiate the Lithuanians into Lithuanians and Zhmuds.

Economy . In 1883, 36 % of the area was farmland, 33 % pastorage, 22 % covered by forest; main agricultural products were grain and potatoes. (Meyer)

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