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First posted on February 26th 2008, last revised on November 29th 2008

History and Administrative Division . Perm Gubernia was established in 1796. In 1923 it was integrated into Uralskaya Oblast, . Perm Gubernia was located between Orenburg Gubernia (SE), Ufa Gubernia (S), Vyatka Gubernia (W), Vologda Gubernia (NW), Tobolsk Gubernia (E).
Perm Gubernia was divided in 12 districts (Uyezds) : Irbit, Jekaterinenburg, Kamyschlow, Schadrinsk und Werchoturje (to the east of the Ural Mountains), Krassno-Ufimsk, Kungur, Ossa, Ochansk, P., Solikamsk und Tscherdyn (to the west of the Ural Mountains).
The Zemstvo Laws passed in 1864 granted regional self-government on Gubernia and Uyezd level; the regional administrative bodies are refererred to as Zemstvos. The Zemstvos were abolished in the course of the October Revolution.
Following the establishment of the RSFSR, Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) Gubernia was split off in 1922. Komi-Permyak Autonomous Okrug within Perm Gubernia (since 1938 Perm Oblast).

Population . The population in 1815 was 1,113,000, in 1840 1,488,800, in 1867 2,173,500, in 1885 2,649,600, in 1915 4,083,200 (Lahmeyer). In 1870, less than 4 % of the population was Muslim, about 3 % Old Believers, the vast majority Russian Orthodox. The largest ethnic minority were the Bashkirs (c. 3 %), the Permyaks (c. 2 %) and the Volga Tatars (c.1 %) (Meyer).

Economy . Perm was the chief mining region of the Russian Empire, producing iron, silver, platinum, copper, nickel, lead, chrome, manganese, gold, iridium, osmium, rhodium, ruthenium, asbestos, precious stones, coal (EB 1911). Gold was discovered in 1745, gems in 1766. Ekaterinburg developed into a major center of mining and gem production. Solikamsk developed into a major producer of salt. The Transsiberian Railroad reached Perm in 1896; the railway line Perm-Ekaterinburg had been opened in 1881.
Agriculture dominated the professions (grain, hemp, potaoes), followed by animal husbandry (cattle, horses; the main sustenance of the Bashkirs), with mining and metalworks making rapid progress in the late 19th and early 20th century (EB 1911). In 1884, there were 1211 factories with a combined total of 12336 industrial workers (Meyer).

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