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First posted on February 27th 2008, last revised on June 28th 2010

History and Administrative Division . Ufa Gubernia was established in 1865. Ufa Gubernia bordered on Perm Gubernia and Vyatka Gubernia in the north, Kazan Gubernia in the west, Samara and Orenburg Gubernia in the south. In 1919 the Bashkir Assr (within RSFSR) was established, which came to include all of the former Ufa Gubernia except for Zlatoust Uyezd, which was annexed into Chelyabinsk Oblast.
Ufa Gubernia was divided in 6 districts (Uyezds) : Belebej, Birsk, Menselinsk, Slatoust, Sterlitamak, Ufa.
The Zemstvo Laws passed in 1864 granted regional self-government on Gubernia and Uyezd level; the regional administrative bodies are refererred to as Zemstvos. The Zemstvos were abolished in the course of the October Revolution.

Population . The population in 1865 was 1,445,000, in 1885 1,874,200, in 1915 3,139,200 (Lahmeyer). By 1883, Muslims outnumbered Christians. The population, in order of size, consisted of Bashkirs, Russians, Volga Tatars, Mari, Chuvash, Teptyar, Meshcheryaks, Votyaks (Meyer) and Mordvins. The flourishing mining industry caused significant immigration of ethnic Russians, who made up 36 % of the population in 1865, 45 % in 1897 (EB 1911).

Economy . By 1883, 46 % of the land was covered by forest, 23 % farmland, 22.8 % pastorage. Russians and Teptyars were engaged in agriculture, Bashkirs and Tatars in animal husbandry, Bashkirs and Meshcheryaks in beekeeping. Trade was dominated by Tatars. The mining industry grew rapidly, producing gold, iron, copper, Slatoust being the seat of a major ironworks, Blagovechenskoye in Ufa Uyezd the seat of a famous copper mill, Further there were 147 factories with a combined total of 2092 industrial workers in Ufa Gubernia. Mayor export items included woodwork, fur, skins, honey and alcoholic spirits (Meyer). The Encyclopedia Britannica refers to the "wholesale plundering of Bashkir lands under Alexander II." (1855-1881; EB 1911).

Culture . Ufa was the seat of a Muslim mufti and a Russian Orthodox archbishop (Meyer). In 1816 the city burnt down.

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