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Dagestan Astrakhan Oblast
First posted on February 23rd 2005, last revised on August 1st 2010

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History and Administrative Division . In 1920 the Kalmyk Autonomous Oblast was established from territory previously belonging to Astrakhan and Stavropol Gubernia. In 1931 the policy of forced collectivization was implemented, Buddhist monasteries closed down; in the ensuing famine c. 60,000 died. In 1935 the Kalmyk AO was elevated to Kalmyk ASSR. During WW II the Kalmyks cooperated with the German forces; after the German defeat in the Battle of Stalingrad, the Kalmyk ASSR was dissolved in 1943, the population deported to Siberia. They were allowed to return in 1957, the Kalmyk ASSR restored in 1958. First free elections were held in 1993.
As of 2008, the Republic of Kalmykia borders on Astrakhan Oblast and Volgograd Oblast in the north, on Rostov Oblast in the west, on Stavropol Oblast and Dagestan in the south and on the Caspian Sea in the east. Kalmykia is divided into 13 districts.

Alternative spellings : Calmac, Calmuc, Calmuck, Kalmuc, Kalmyk, Qalmyq, Kalmuck, Callmaks

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