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Arkhangelsk Oblast Finland
First posted on May 31st 2006, last revised on August 28th 2010

History and Administrative Division . The Karelian ASSR was established in 1923, on territory previously belonging to Olonets Gubernia and Arkhangelsk Gubernia. In 1938 Kandalaksha District was ceded to Murmansk Oblast. In 1940 territory gained by the USSR in the Winter War and the Karelian ASSR were reconstituted as the Karelo-Finnish SSR. In 1941 the newly acquired areas were reannexed into Finland, much of Karelia occupied by Finnish forces. Karelia was lretaken by the Red Army in 1944, the contested areas in 1944/1947 reacquired by the USSR / the Karelo-Finnish ASSR respectively Leningrad Oblast. In 1956 the Karelo-Finnish SSR was reconstituted as the Karelian ASSR. In 1991 the Karelian ASSR was reorganized as the Karelian Republic. Capital Petrozavodsk. The Karelian Republic presently borders on Murmansk Oblast in the north, Arkhangelsk Oblast in the east, Vologda Oblast in the south, Leningrad Oblast in the southwest and Finland in the west. The Karelian Republic is divided in 18 districts.

Economy . By the time the Karelian ASSR was established, the main industrial center was capital Petrozavodsk with her ironworks dating back to the time of Peter the Great. In the country there was forest industry (sawmills, match factories etc.); fishery was of importance. In the 1920s, paper factories, power stations, furniture factories were established. Forced collectivization was implemented in 1929-1933. The Winter War 1939-1940, the Continuation War (in Russia called Great Patriotic War) 1941-1944 resulted in some destruction. During the reconstruction phase, Karelian timber was of great importance for European Russia. Logging reached a climax in the mid 1960s, after which date the paper industry dominated. In the 1950es, new industrial combinates were established.

Population . The population was 469,000 in 1939, 469,100 in 1959, 736,000 in 1979, 791,000 in 1989, 760,000 in 2001 (Lahmeyer). In the 1930es and from 1945 to 1956, the 'immigration' of labour camp inmates affected the demography of Karelia. With the forced collectivization 1929-1933 came not only the deportation of Kulaks, but also of much of the administrative leadership and intelligentsia. A considerable part of the territory referred to as Eastern Karelia, ceded by Finland on March 12th 1940, reannexed in 1941 and again ceded in 1947) migrated to Finland in 1939/40, many of them moved back into Eastern Karelia in 1941, and again moved into Finland in 1944.

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