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History and Administrative Division . The Komi-Zyryan Autonomous Oblast was created in 1921 out of territory previously belonging to Vologda Gubernia. In 1929, when Arkhangelsk Gubernia was transformed into Severniy Krai (predecessor of Arkhangelsk Oblast), the Ust-Tsilma District was transferred to the Komi-Zyryan Autonomous Oblast, and at the same time, Priluzskiy and Koygorodok Districts, hitherto belonging to Vyatka Gubernia (dissolved) were transferred to Komi-Zyryan Autonomous Oblast. Simultaneously, a stretch of territory was ceded by Komi-Zyryan Autonomous Oblast to the newly formed Nenets National Okrug (part of Arkhangelsk Oblast). In 1929 Komi-Zyryan Autonomous Oblast was elevated to Komi-Zyryan ASSR (within RSFSR, USSR), capital Syktyvkar. In 1992 it was reorganised as Komi Republic, within the Russian Federation. As of 2008, it borders on Arkhangelsk Oblast in the west and north (Nenets Autonomous Okrug), on the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and on Sverdlovsk Oblast in the east, on Perm Krai and on Kirov Oblast in the south.
Komi Republic is composed of 20 districts : Inta, Izhma, Knyapogost, Kortkeros, Koygorodok, Pechora, Priluzskiy, Sosnogorsk, Syktyvkar, Syktyvdinskiy, Sysolskiy, Troilsko Pechorsk, Udorskiy, Ukhta, Usinsk, Ust-Kulom, Ust-Tsilma, Ust-Vym, Vorkuta and Vuktyl.

Population . The population was 319,000 in 1939, 815,000 in 1959, 1,119,000 in 1979, 1,265,000 in 1989, 1,126,000 in 2001 (Lahmeyer). The population increase in the 1930es to 1950es is largely to be explained by immigrants, mostly ethnic Russians. The settlement of prisoners at Vorkuta was begun in 1931; the settlers worked in coal mines. In 1953 the prisoners revolted.

Economy . Syktyvkar is the site of mining industry (copper) since the mid 18th century. Coal mining at Vorkuta was begun in 1932. The railroad connectiong Vorkuta with Kotlas was completed in 1941.
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