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Russia Tatarstan
First posted on June 1st 2006, last revised on August 9th 2010

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History and Administrative Division . The Mordvinian National Okrug (on territory hitherto belonging to Nizhny Novgorod and Penza Gubernia) was established in 1928, placed under Nizhny Novgood Oblast, elevated to Mordvinian Autonomous Oblast in 1930, in 1934 elevated to Mordvinian ASSR, in 1936 administratively separated from Gorky Kray (est. 1932), in 1994 transformed into the Republic of Mordovia. Capital Saransk.

Historic Encyclopedias on the Mordvinians, 1857-1919
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Tour Guides, Travelogues Die Mordwinen, pp.857- in vol.2 of J.G. Georgi, Bemerkungen einer Reise im Russischen Reich in den Jahren 1772 , 1775, in German, GB
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