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Ingushetia Kabardino-Balkaria
First posted on June 1st 2006, last revised on August 29th 2010

The Ossetes (Ossetians, Osseti) are thought to be descendants of the Alans, inhabitants of the Kingdom of Alania which existed from the 8th century to its destruction by the Mongols in 1238-1239. The Alans were comverted to Christianity in the 9th century.
The Osseti inhabited the land to the north and the south of the central Caucasus. From the 16th century onward, Ossetia was, at least nominally, part of Safavid Persia. In the 17th century, Islam was introduced in the region. In 1749 the Russian Orthodox Church began to send missionaries into the region, part of the population of which practiced Christianity of sorts, in a region which lacked a church organization. In 1774-1806 Ossetia was, piece by piece, formally incorporated into the Russian Empire. Under Russian rule, the partition of Ossetia into North Ossetia and South Ossetia was cemented; North Ossetia became part of Terek Oblast, South Ossetia part of Tiflis and Kutais Gubernia.
In 1920 North Ossetia became part of the Soviet Mountain Republic; in 1924 it became the North Ossetian Autonomous Oblast; in 1936 the latter was elevated to the North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR), within the RSFSR. In 1990 the North Ossetian ASSR became the Republic of North Ossetia (within the Russian Federation).

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