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First posted on April 14th 2008

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History and Administrative Division . Severny Krai was established in 1929, from what used to be Arkhangelsk Gubernia and part of Severo Dvinsk Gubernia. In 1936 Severny Krai was elevated to Severny Oblast, in 1937 renamed Arkhangelsk Oblast. Nenets National Okrug was created in 1927, renamed Nenets Autonomous Okrug in 1977. The USSR had annexed Franz Josef Land in 1926; as in the case of Novaya Zemlya, it was allocated to Arkhangelsk Oblast.. The capital of Arkhangelsk Oblast is Arkhangelsk.
As of 2008, Arkhangelsk Oblast borders on the Arctic Ocean and on Murmansk Oblast in the north, on the Karelian Republic in the west, on Vologda Oblast, Kirov Oblast and Komi Republic in the south. Arkhangelsk Oblast, except for Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land and Nenets Autonomous Okrug, consists of 20 districts : Kargopol, Kholmogory, Konosha, Kotlas, Krasnoborsk, Lenskiy, Leshukonskoye, Mezen, Nyandoma, Onega, Pinega, Plesstsk, Primorskiy, Shenkursk, Solovetskiy, Ustyanskiy, Velsk, Verkhnyaya, Viiegodskiy, Vinogradovskiy.

Population . The population of Arkhangelsk Oblast was 1,199,200 in 1939, 1,230,000 in 1959, 1,362,000 in 1970, 1,420,000 in 1979, 1,515,000 in 1989, 1,397,000 in 2001 (Lahmeyer). From 1954 to 1990, Novaya Zemlya was used as a nuclear test explosion site. The ethnic Nenets population of southern island was resettled in Nenets National Okrug prior to the first test.

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