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European Russia
First posted on May 8th 2008

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History and Administrative Division . In 1954 Balashov Oblast was created from territory previously belonging to Saratov Oblast (Romanovka, Turki, Ritishchevo, Arkadak, Balashov, Samoilovka, Kalininsk and Ekaterinovka Districts), Stalingrad Oblast (Uryupinsky, Nekhaevsky, Alekseevsky, Podtelkovsky, Novoanninsky, Novonikolaevsky, Kikvidzensky, Elansky, Rudnyansky, Zhirnovsky Districts), Voronezh Oblast (Povorinsky, Borisoglebsky, Gribanovsky, Ternovsky and Novokhopyorsky Districts) and Tambov Oblast (Muchkapsky District). It comprised of an area of 38,418 square km; the capital was Balashov. The population was just over 900,000. The most important urban centers were Balashov, Borisoglebsk, Rtishchevo, Novokhopersk and Uryupinsk. The first secretary of the Regional Committee of the CPSU was Alexander Stepanovich Trofimov. Balashov Oblast bordered on Tambov and Penza Oblast in the north, on Saratov Oblast in the east, on Volgograd Oblast and Rostov Oblast in the south, on Voronezh Oblast in the west. Balashov Oblast was dissolved in 1957, the pre-1954 borders restored.

Economy . During the short years of its existence, Balashov Oblast experienced significant investment in the electrification of the district, the construction of new factories, of administrative facilities and housing. The capital of Balashov benefitted most of such investments. The sudden decision to dissolve the Oblast in 1957 is believed due to the influence of officials from Saratov and Stalingrad Oblast, for whom the establishment of Balashov Oblast in 1954 had meant a significant loss of territory and revenue. The abolition of Balashov Oblast caused significant unemployment in the city of Balashov.

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