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European Russia
First posted on April 24th 2008

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History and Administrative Division . In 1927 a larger Leningrad Oblast was created, consisting of what used to be St. Petersburg Gubernia, Novgorod Gubernia, Pskov Gubernia, part of Olonets Gubernia, the Karelian ASSR and Murmansk Okrug. In 1937, Vologda Oblast was established, carved out of Leningrad Oblast and Severnaya Krai; Kalinin Oblast was established, carved out of the Western Krai and Leningrad Oblast. In 1938, Murmansk Oblast was split off, in 1944 Pskov and Novgorod Oblast; the Karelian ASSR, as Karelo-Finnish SSR, was separated from Leningrad Oblast. In 1940, a stretch of territory on the border to Estonia was annexed. In 1944 territory on the Karelian Isthm was annexed into Leningrad Oblast.
The capital is St. Petersburg (which is not part of the oblast, separated in 1931). The oblast is divided into 17 districts. Leningrad Oblast borders on Finland and Karelia in the north, on Vologda Oblast in the east, on Novgorod and Pskov Oblast in the south and on Estonia in the east.

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